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  • konkonsn

    Why is there even a sign that says “‘Women’ Working?” I mean, I know there’s the sexist “Men at work,” signs, but most of those have been replaced for something more gender neutral.

  • Katie

    This should say “double fail”…

  • thiskiss

    Or dubble fale.

  • Kate the Great

    yea, thats weird that it says women working. In my state there are still orange road signs that say “men working ahead”. i wrote my congressman to say they shound be replaced with something like “crews working”.

  • rustyspoons

    I drought it? I dough it?

  • amytiger

    I work as an electrician in Scotland, and was given a ‘men at work’ sign to display. Many people seem offended by it, and come up to me to tell me that it is sexist.
    My workmates seemed unkeen for me to change one side to ‘women at work’, feeling that it would be insulting them (but it is okay for me?).
    This speaks volumes about how it is okay to generalise, as long as we’re all men in this together.
    (In the end I changed ‘men’ to my name, and this seemed to keep most people happy, although it feels a little like I’ve created a separate gender for myself outside of male-female -_-;)

  • Logrus

    Or the even more accurate:
    “People pretending to do work while wearing orange vests ahead”

  • Logrus

    Cross out “men” and put “Sheep-Shaggers” in its place.

  • virago

    Why not “Individuals at Work”, or “Persons at Work”? I don’t think this stuff is rocket science, but than I didn’t think writing, “I doubt it” correctly was either. Guess I was wrong.

  • Devonian


  • amytiger

    :D But it’s my sign too!
    And I’m pretty sure that it would be unhygienic.

  • Vexing

    Epic Fail.
    How ironic, just the other day I attended a pay equity rally where one of the speakers brought up the education gap between men and women (in NZ – women are better educated, but paid less).
    If only I’d had this pic to display.

  • ojisama8

    Why not just put an “HU” before the “men” part? Sure it’s grammatically incorrect, but it would include everyone in it’s incorrectness :D

  • Logrus

    Well maybe, but lanolin is good for the skin. :)

  • BitterBitch

    This is more proof that sexist/racist people tend to be the less educated ones.

  • Maeve

    I’m pretty sure “I dought it” is supposed to be “I doubt it.” Which is probably where the fail comes from. :-)

  • ArtyB

    I beg to differ. on the contrary, the educated ones usually lead the unducated ones.

  • ArtyB

    i beg to differ. on the contrary, the educated ones usually lead the uneducated ones.

  • A male

    Really neutral or meaningful signs say things like “Road Construction Ahead” “Restrooms closed for cleaning” “Caution: Wet Floor” etc.

  • elsmith7

    And classist people…?


    Speaking as somebody who’s worked on highway road crews, the people you see standing around doing nothing are various types of bosses (the carpenter foreman, the labor foreman, the ironworker foreman, the electrician foreman, the master mechanic, the superintendent for the contractor, the state engineer from the Department of Transportation ect)
    The actual workers on highway jobs work very hard – it’s the army of bosses that you see just standing there.
    And yes, they always use the gendered term “foreman” – even on the rare occasions when a woman holds that position.


    Now there’s a class biased statement!
    Fox News is run by college graduates – so is the New York Post. And I’d bet money that Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are college grads.
    And the corporate executives that are responsible for institutional racism, employment discrimination, environmental racism and other acts of corporate racism are all college grads with MBAs.
    Not to mention all those law school educated judges who fill the nation’s prisons with African Americans.
    So, who’s responsible for racism now?
    I think the so called “educated” people have a hell of a lot to answer for here!

  • Ash

    Aren’t these signs used in public toilets to forewarn the public that there’s an opposite sex cleaner/attendent working in the toilets? Okay, they usually say something more explanatory like ‘Male cleaner working here’ when I come across them, but I wouldn’t necessarily say the sign itself was a problem if it was found in a situation like that.