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What We Missed

TweetDana Millbank suggests that Hillary drink “Mad Bitch Beer.” Nice one asshat. Over at Slate there is an article by Kate Klonick about why more young women should consider the IUD as birth control. Some sketchiness in Orange County California, with a Planned Parenthood whose standing nine year county grant was lost, possibly because of [...]
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Friday Feminist Fuck You: Glenn Beck

TweetTranscript and links after the jump Tweet
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My no, no square: ACLU takes on Mississippi Abstinence Summit

TweetThe American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is going up against the Mississippi Department of Health and Human Services for an Abstinence Summit that was held using government funding. Amplified has a video about the summit, from Huffington Post: God and Abstinence from Stuart Productions on Vimeo. The ACLU is arguing that the use of tax [...]
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Spring Awakening

TweetSorry folks, removed the video because of the automatic play–you can go here to watch it. I saw the musical Spring Awakening last weekend. Jos also saw it, so we’re both going to share our thoughts in this post. From Miriam: Growing up I was a big fan of musical theatre, and saw pretty much [...]
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Girls sports DO make money

TweetContrary to popular belief, a new article in the NYTimes highlights a trend among youth sporting events–girls events tend to draw more crowds and bring in more revenue than boys events. The article is comparing traveling teams and tournament sporting events, where a number of groups noted that girl’s event were more likely to draw [...]
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