Things That Make You Go, “OMFG STFU”

*Trigger warning–This will make you really mad*

This is hate speech, it is for the purpose of inciting violence against immigrants and to fuel racial tension. He must be stopped. Furthermore, despite all statistical evidence to the contrary, Michael Savage is so paranoid and afraid of people of color, he continues to insist that immigrants are not the working base of California but the ones that are clogging the system, even though as Think Progress discuss, they make up 1/3 of the working population in California and contribute greatly through taxes.

And while Savage might like to think that most of California’s immigrant population is busy robbing grandmas and pushing baby carriages all day long, immigrants — both legal and illegal — make up more than 1/3 of California’s labor force. In fact, according to economist Giovanni Peri of the University of California, immigrant workers complement native-born California workers and most native-born Californians have experienced wage gains as a result. While there is a cost associated with immigrants and their children — as there is with any individual who lives and goes to school in the United States — California’s immigrants pay roughly $30 billion in federal taxes, $5.2 billion in state income taxes, and $4.6 billion in sales taxes each year.

I imagine the people listening to and agreeing with Michael Savage and I feel sick to my stomach.

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  • Logrus

    Just a reminder that his son is the founder of, and he has a financial stake in, Rockstar energy drinks.
    You see any ally drinking this crap let them know who they are giving their money to.

  • Cicada Nymph

    Thanks for letting me know. I don’t drink those energy drinks cause I think they are kind of disgusting, but I did buy one of the Rockstar iced coffee drinks the other day to try. I won’t be doing that again.

  • argon

    This guy is a professional d-bag. He’s for listeners who consider Rush Limbaugh too warm and fuzzy. He represents the worst of the worst.
    Still, this line from Samhita gives me pause…
    “He must be stopped.”
    Really? By whom? And by what measures? Should we criminalize speech that we liberals find distasteful and haul him off to the gulag? Or were you thinking more of an angry-mob type situation?

  • Samhita

    I think we should lobby for change in media representation through petitions, bills and on the ground organizing. I don’t think free speech and hate speech with the intention to incite violence are the same thing. Distaste is one thing…hate speech is quite another. When power changes maybe I will too.
    Many groups have taken action against Savage. I am not alone in my statement or sentiment.

  • MLEmac28

    “Sucked it dry like lemmings”? As far as I know lemmings aren’t known for their sucking ability.
    Also, I never knew rolling up my sleeves was the characteristic that defined “15-year-old punk boys”. I should probably stop doing that when I go out into the blazing hot southern sun, lest somebody mistakes me for one of those hooligans.

  • courtship dating

    Are we really so fragile that so many things must be preceded by a trigger warning? Come on.
    And was that really “hate speech”? He is entitled to his opinion, and you’d have to be blind to not notice the problems compounded by illegal immigration in the state of California. Rape kits aren’t being processed because of budget shortfalls. Rampant teen pregnancies don’t help, either.
    Is this guy ridiculous? Yep. Must he be “shut up”?

  • BackOfBusEleven

    What do rape kits not being processed and teen pregnancies have to do with illegal immigration? Classic scapegoating.

  • courtship dating

    Oh, you’re right. I see no connection whatsoever.
    Thank you for pointing that out. Now I’ve seen the error in my logic.

  • courtship dating

    Oh, you’re right. I see no connection whatsoever.
    Thank you for pointing that out. Now I’ve seen the error in my logic

  • courtship dating

    His wife, Janet, is also affiliated with the energy drink.

  • BackOfBusEleven

    The guy is obviously a fucking weirdo.
    But it did get me thinking. There’s a seriously ageist aspect to his rant. He talks about seeing 14-year-old and 15-year-old mothers walking around. How does he know how old they are? I doubt he asks them, because he’s too scared of them. I’m a 24-year-old White Latina. I look pretty young for my age. I could probably pass for a high-schooler. I also work with children. Most of them lately have been babies, and I usually have to transport them from their homes or daycare to my job. If I wasn’t walking around Newark and Jersey City, I would be afraid of people thinking that I’m a teenage mother and judging me.

  • Siby

    I’ve heard a lot from Michael Savage. Every time I get in a car with my mother, she listens to him (ew, gross!). He’s such an asshole.

  • Alice

    …even though as Think Progress discuss, they make up 1/3 of the working population in California and contribute greatly through taxes.
    Now that’s just nonsense. Their contribution is indeed great, but it consists of the work they do for private employers, not their coerced financing of the American welfware/warfare state, which is incidentally the same organization responsible for enforcing their second-class status in the first place. Quite a system we have going, isn’t it; I must wonder how much of the present oppression of immigrants could be financed through taxes taken therefrom.

  • Logrus

    I’m not dismissing your statement, but can you just spell it out?
    I mean the obvious answer is that they are using resources, thus diverting them, right? Well:
    1) Undocumented people get raped, but your stance is that they don’t deserve to have their rape evidence tested? “Open season on raping ‘illegals’!” is your go-to stance?
    2) They consume and they work, even under false identities they pay taxes via income and sales tax. In fact the ones using false identities are getting “double taxed” because they pay into SSI and other state and federal deductions while being unable to claim benefits. Meanwhile according to the Congressional Budget Office * State and local governments incur costs for providing services to unauthorized immigrants and have limited options for avoiding or minimizing those costs
    * The amount that state and local governments spend on services for unauthorized immigrants represents a small percentage of the total amount spent by those governments to provide such services to residents in their jurisdictions
    * The tax revenues that unauthorized immigrants generate for state and local governments do not offset the total cost of services provided to those immigrants, although the impact is most likely modest.
    * Federal aid programs offer resources to state and local governments that provide services to unauthorized immigrants, but those funds do not fully cover the costs incurred by those governments.

    If your stance is that “illegals” consume more than they contribute then I suggest you go read a fucking book.

  • Lisa

    Michael Savage said something horribly offensive.
    Next up: Sky is blue, grass is green.

  • Magdalene

    I was confused by that as well. Usually lemmings are “known” for their mass suicides (actually an exaggerated misconception) whereas leeches are the suckers of the animal kingdom.

  • Woodsy Pete

    I can relate, to a point, but I think that’s also like saying “the patriarchy is oppressive…oh well!” or something similar. Just because it’s expected, unsurprising, and frustratingly commonplace isn’t a reason not to get upset or not to fight it.

  • courtship dating

    Seriously? My “go-to stance” is “raping season is open on illegals”?
    This is so typical.
    There is much evidence indicating that illegal immigration has a negative impact on the black community resulting from wage loss. Many studies have shown that illegal immigration is also negatively impacting the health care system, education system, and wages in both the black and latino community.
    I was merely stating that the budget shortfall in California is resulting in rape kits going untested. Illegal immigration is certainly a factor in this. If you disagree, fine. That doesn’t mean that you’re correct.

  • Vetiver

    Someone started a facebook group trying to raise awareness about the Savages and their link to Rockstar only to have the group shut down and his account deleted. Gross. Someone else has recreated the facebook group. Please join if interested.

  • Lindsay Beyerstein

    The Father Coughlin of our era.

  • teacherwoman

    This is the same guy that’s banned from Britain because of his hate speech. He is a sick person.

  • NoMoreBlatherDotCom

    I list six things wrong with the TP article here, and I didn’t spend that much time on it:
    I’ve been covering imm. matters for over six years in thousands of posts, so do a search at my site if you’d like to see all the other things you’ll never hear from a site like this.

  • Taken

    The substance of the exhibited segment is not incitement of violence or any other lawless action. Nor can you deduce from the exhibited segment that incitement of violence or any other lawless action is his intention. He is asserting his opinion, albeit in harsh and hostile language, on the issue of illegal immigration and the subsequent cost endured by the state of California. He never prescribes a mechanism through which this problem should be addressed (legally, as through existing institutions, or not).
    The Supreme Court’s opinion in Brandenburg v. Ohio articulates the circumstances necessary to regulate inciting (hate) speech in the United States and elucidates the rationale behind why we actually shouldn’t in situations such as the one embodied above.
    The exhibited segment doesn’t even ‘advocate’ the propriety of violence or other unlawful means.
    Maybe you have a clip of him actually inciting (or even advocating) violence/unlawful activity. Or even a clip that demonstrates *maybe* that is his intention. If that is the case I would post it here to enhance your arguments.
    I don’t believe we should silence people we disagree with. Michael Savage’s audience is mostly voluntary and you aren’t required to listen to him if you dislike his message. Without an audience his program will not continue to persist.

  • taalibba

    This is the first time I’ve ever actually heard him (living under a rock, I know) and just…wow. In addition to the many levels of crazy and hateful, he doesn’t know that a leech and lemming aren’t the same animal?

  • BackOfBusEleven

    Gee, maybe we should blame the Civil War on Black people. I mean, it was Black people that were slaves, and the Civil War was about slavery. Of course oppressed minorities are so powerful that they can cause such nasty political unrest on the innocent dominant class. How dare they!

  • Taken

    Your reference ascribed to the Congressional Budget Office also seems to take the stance that unauthorized immigrants cost more than they contribute..
    If this premise is correct, I’m not sure what purpose referencing them serves in your argument. Their assertions are not aligned with but antagonistic to your other statements.
    It doesn’t appear one would need to “read a fucking book” (but instead only your own reply) to come to courtship dating’s conclusion.

  • courtship dating

    Oh. What an excellent point. Why didn’t I think of it this way?

  • BackOfBusEleven

    I know you’re being sarcastic, but seriously. Why didn’t you think of it that way?

  • kece80

    Ugh. Reading these comments is depressing.

  • Mina

    “In addition to the many levels of crazy and hateful, he doesn’t know that a leech and lemming aren’t the same animal?”
    I now have the mental image of a doctor in a hospital reattaching a severed finger and putting a lemming where the leeches belong.

  • courtship dating

    I didn’t “think of it that way” because there is little logical equivalency between illegal immigrants and Civil War era slaves. Illegal immigrants come to this country on their on volition illegally and African slaves came here by force at gunpoint by greedy white masters.
    I fully understand why illegal immigrants come here. Believe me. And I understand why businesses hire them. Really, I do. This doesn’t change the fact that their presence is a burden on an already strained system. I know this is an “unorthodox feminist view”, but nevertheless, it’s a conversation many feminists are having.
    At some point the issue will have to be resolved, because population growth in the U.S. is taxing the labor market, environment, infrastructure, natural resources, and economy. The population is expected to rise to 439 million by the year 2050. When I was born the population was a little over 200 million. This is a conversation, indeed, that we should all be having.

  • crazyface8d

    I thought he said ‘lemons’

  • shelilia

    I agree, this is getting out of hand.

  • crazyface8d

    Okay, I really hope I dont get yelled at for this, but I do think that it’s needed to have some serious reforms in government to address the problems our country is having with illegal immigration.
    I dont know anything about the situation in California, but living on Long Island, I see a number of problems occurring and I am not talking about whites are ‘inconvienced’ by immigrants, but that human safety is being compromised by now addressing this.
    I see immigrants waiting on the sides of the roads to be picked up for day labor and the countless crosses that are in the same area where one of them has tried to cross the busy highway and has gotten killed.
    There have been a number of car accidents where illegals were driving without a license and without insurance and both parties of the car accident were put in unnecessary danger and obvious financial difficulty afterward due to repairs.
    It would be better to put forth a motion to increase legal immigration into the country to shut up those who say that the immigrants are a drain on our economy and it would also help to better protect the immgrants as well.
    I think that what Savage said is terrible and insulting, but I also think that his speech represents alot of peoples hostility and frustration toward the immigration situation on our country.

  • crazyface8d

    Sorry, I meant ‘NOT’ addressing this’ instead of ‘now.

  • spike the cat

    You get what you asked for, California!
    California business and more importantly the consumers through their collective pocketbooks demanded a constant stream of people willing to work low wages. And that is exactly what we got.
    This little time honored American racket goes like this: exploit, profit then blame. Exploit, profit then blame. Say it with me now…
    What’s the cost of taking a good look at ourselves in the mirror, Californians? Priceless.

  • norbizness

    The only place to go is the pocketbook. Of course, many reactionary media empires are run as a kind of vanity project (see the Washington Times), but many have found a niche market in the 20-25% of Americans who consistently supported Bush/Cheney, think Obama is ready to install a caliphate in Washington D.C., and who would gladly join the Minutemen to patrol a deserted stretch of the U.S./Mexico border if it weren’t so damned hot.
    So skip over his delusional rants and listen to the advertisements. There’s probably a few ideological advertisers who actually want to keep him on the air, but I imagine there’s more than a couple supplying goods and services to the non-Savage population who probably wouldn’t want to be associated with a guy like this.
    Apart from that, he’s just a cost of doing business in a free society.

  • Interior_League

    The lemmings have sucked
    the juice out of my lemons!
    This is so unfair.

  • kate s.

    Pitting minority groups against each other in a fight for resources is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to preventing racial or economic based solidarity and group resistance. It’s not the fault of immigrants that the black community does not have access to adequate resources or community services, it is a systemic problem in which under-privileged communities are routinely ignored by the larger powers that be. We don’t need scapegoat one group in order to raise awareness of the needs of another.

  • courtship dating

    And implying that someone is racist and that they are trying to scapegoat someone or some group of people when they point out a problem in a community is the second oldest trick in the book. Again, whether you like it or not, at some point the issue will have to be resolved, because population growth in the U.S. is taxing the labor market, environment, infrastructure, natural resources, and economy. The population is expected to rise to 439 million by the year 2050, which will be doubling the population in the U.S. over the course of my lifetime.

  • FelyD

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  • kate s.

    I did not use the term racist and was not attempting to imply that you, or anyone else responding to this thread, was a racist. I was merely pointing out that we have had this exact same conversation many times throughout the course of American history and it is always based around what is perceived as “undesirable” migration/immigration in which ethnic and minority groups are blamed for a myriad of problems, be it a real or imagined result of their presence in a community. It happens at a national level, such as turn-of-the-century Ellis Island. It happens on regional levels, such as the Great Migration. It happens on microcosms, such as when Ethiopian immigrants begin to move into neighborhoods that have been traditionally African-American (this is an example from here in DC).
    Infrastructure, resources, environment, etc. issues are CONSTANTLY in need of addressing as time passes and a population grows. These are not the sorts of things you can set and forget, they should always be revised with the time. But when the conversation is centered SOLELY on the influx of a racial/ethnic group then you have to wonder if these are legitimate discussions being used to resolve these issues, or if they’re merely an attempt to frame/legitimize a xenophobic argument against a community. And we’re talking about Michael Savage here, founder of the freakin’ Paul Revere Society. We should be having a conversation about population growth, yes, but we should NOT be racializing it.