What We Missed

The French government is in talks about potentially banning the burqa.
Jon Stewart and Mike Huckabee talk abortion. (h/t to community poster Irre!)
Random feel-good story of the day: Great grandmothers 86-year-old Emma Dausman and 69-year-old Judy Conner become Chicago state bowling champions.
Shakes takes on how folks are using Senator Boxer asking to be called “Senator” as opposed to “ma’am” as a juicy opportunity to talk about what an “uppity bitch” she and the rest of those damn liberal women are.
Check out this ridiculous UK Mail Online piece on the ‘epidemic of pregnancy’ among women older than 30 and how those who become mothers in their 30s are ‘defying nature.’ Yes, really.
Bacardi reaches the ultimate low with their new campaign targeting women: “Get an Ugly Girlfriend” to look more attractive.

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