Stolkholm game creator to do a “college outreach program”

Looks like we might have a new brand of MRA on our hands! Remember the “Stockholm: An Exploration of True Love” game that Amazon was selling which allowed users to “convince” a young woman to fall in love with them by sexually assaulting, gassing and psychologically abusing them? Well, it seems that its creator is a wee ticked about being banned from Amazon and others is conducting a college outreach program designed to enlighten college students with “types of love and relationships hidden and ignored by a culture increasingly dominated by female values.”
Stanton Audemars says during his college tours, he’ll disseminate the game to make sure “that every single college student of appropriate age has access to this simulation,” seeming to push an anti-women and anti-feminist message cloaked in BDSM rights language:

“And young men and women have the right to recognize that true love does not necessarily involve the kind of mental castration and excessive domestication that it has become associated with . . . The point of ‘Stockholm’ is not that kidnapping is the path to true love. The point is that the sugar coated nonsense that TV and movies are forcing down our throat is not the only true path. It is a message that college men and women need to hear. Most don’t realize that they have a choice in how they approach love and relationships, that choice in relationships does not just mean ‘gay or straight’. It also can be polygamistic, dominant, submissive, relaxed, nice, cruel, possessive, etc. The types of love that women have tried to criminalize are no less valid than the types of love that seem to require that men become weak, doting, servile eunuchs.”

The thing is, this game is not about choice; it’s about kidnapping, sexual assault and nonconsent. What a hoot it would be if we ran into this guy while doing our college tour come fall.

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