Friday Feminist Fuck You: Disrespectful Anti-choicers

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Hi everyone, welcome to this edition of the Friday Feminist Fuck You.
The murder of Dr. Tiller has been a huge blow to the pro-choice community and everyone supporting women’s health.
Tomorrow, in Wichita, the Christian Defense Coalition and Operation Rescue will be holding a “prayer vigil” outside Dr. Tiller’s former clinic.
So today I want to say a big fuck you to any disrespectful anti-choicers like the Christian Defense Coalition and Operation Rescue, who would dare use this tragedy as a way to promote their anti-women anti-choice agendas.
This is just another gross move by Operation Rescue, who not only has ties to the person who murdered Dr. Tiller but was earlier publicizing that they wanted to buy Tiller’s clinic.
On that note, a quick Fuck Yeah to Dr. LeRoy Carhart, who has stated that he will be ensuring that the procedures Tiller provided remain accessible in Kansas, by providing them himself. He was a good friend of Dr. Tiller and was already working with him at his clinic in Wichita. No word yet as to how or where the procedures will be offered, but hopefully this means women can get the care they need.
NOW to hold a counter rally on Saturday
Prayer vigil planned for Saturday
Dr. Carhart’s plans to perform abortions in Kansas

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