Answers to free ticket giveaway!

Did we mention Kathleen Freakin’ Hanna of Le Tigre is going to be at our 5 year party this Friday?
You played…you won…and here are the answers to the Feministing Trivia we had on Friday to give donated tickets away to readers.
1. When is the exact date of our anniversary?
April 12th!
2. What are the names of the two women who founded the site with Jessica and myself in 2004?
Lauryn and Hannah.
3. How many posts have we had on the Feministing Community since its launch last year?
Since its launch last June (another anniversary to celebrate!), 3,532 posts (and counting!) have been published on the community site. Woot!
Congrats to all the winners!

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  • gudbuytjane

    First, I’d like to say congratulations on five years. With the internet so overrun by unchecked misogyny and sexism, it is so important that as feminists we have places to share news, information, and ideas. Thank you for providing that, and for opening my eyes to issues I might not have come across otherwise.
    Reading the post, though, I’m reminded of the historical divide of marginalization and transmisogyny within feminism. While many, I am sure, will cheer on the addition of Kathleen Hanna, when I saw her name I thought of one thing: she played Michfest, publicly supported a policy of excluding trans women, and (to my knowledge) has never retracted her support for that policy or the exclusion of trans women, or attempted an apology. Further, back in 2001 the response to the Mr. Lady boycott sought to paint trans women and trans activists as violent and dangerous to the artists, which played on bigotry and fear of trans women.
    Every time I read comments on trans-related posts I’m reminded of how far we have to go, and I think part of being able to move forward is to acknowledge the past. While Kathleen Hanna might be a source of warm memories for many here, remember that for some of us she was one of the voices that sought to keep us marginalized.

  • Vanessa

    We didn’t know Le Tigre performed at Michfest, thanks for the info. Folks can learn more about Michfest in some of our past posts.

  • the.empress

    OMG !!
    that video is awesome!