New on the Community blog!

A lot of great posts went up on the community blog over the weekend:
SylviaMoon asks for book recommendations — specifically, “Empowering books, uplifting books, “I can do this!” books.”
Kim H. suggests that if the American Life League is going to have a Pill Kills Day about how birth control pills kill women, they also ought to have a Childbirth Kills Day.
BlackGoanna reexamines the rape scene in Observe & Report. And, on a related note, butterflywings explains why she doesn’t laugh at rape jokes.
Tenko speaks out about “booth babe” videos on
Marie89 ponders the sexist implications of fretting about women who “don’t smile enough.”
katemoore calls out the New York Times’ annoying stereotyping of menopausal women.
lanascrub catches the Chicago Sun-Times doing some victim-blaming.
JoanOfArc reclaims the term “lady.”
Check ‘em out!

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