Community Blog Round-up and a cartoon: In honor of Dr. Tiller

A cartoon video via the Women’s Medical Fund in Philadephia about abortion clinic workers in honor of Dr. Tiller:

And a round-up of all the Community Posts about Dr. Tiller:
Boston Vigil for Dr. George Tiller by meganjpeterson (For a full listing of events, see Ann’s post or our calendar)
A Moment of Silence for Dr. George Tiller by FunFrnd10

An Abortion Provider Reacts to the Murder of Dr. George Tiller
by sbherold
On the Issues: An Abortion Provider Reflects on Dr. George Tiller by On The Issues
George Tiller and How Dehumanization Leads to Violence by cng87
A Very Short Post from Skrr
Thanks to everyone who contributed posts today. If you attend vigils tonight, post about them at the community blog.

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  • Furiousfemale

    As an escort I’ve some doozies from protesters, not surprisngly, the Nazi/Holocaust analogy was often brought up,one protester asked what my mother would think of my volunteering, and another told me that she would “pray for me”. We also had one guy just yell pretty much the whole time. It’s unfortunate to see how it unsettles the patients coming in.

  • Tara K.

    I felt like this “cartoon,” though superficially simple at first, was very poignant. I’m spreading it around.

  • Tiger

    How does one become an escort? I’m a student whose been hit very hard by this whole economy-crash thing, so I don’t have much in the way of donations, but I’m not afraid of hard work or angry protestors.
    Unfortunately, googling “volunteer abortion” and my location, or other similar permutations on theme, pulls up a lot of lying anti-choice drek to dig through (No, I do not want to volunteer at a “crisis pregnancy center”. Ugh.), and while I don’t mind digging, I figure there might be some routes I don’t know, or that I might not be the only one with more time and energy than money.

  • Furiousfemale

    I would say check the phone book or look online to see what the closest clinic is. If it’s a Planned Parenthood clinic they most likely will have a website and info about volunteering. When I volunteered I did some things other than escorting, like helping stuff envelopes for fundraisers.

  • MiriamCT1

    I read this quote from Dr. Tiller today and I love it, the very essence of feminism:
    “It is my fundamental philosophy that patients are emotionally, mentally, morally, spiritually and physically competent to struggle with complex health issues and come to decisions that are appropriate for them.”
    -Dr. George Tiller

  • Roja

    I loved this Bitch Magazine post on the language used to report Dr. Tiller’s murder:

  • bthny

    contact your local Planned Parenthood – that is probably the easiest way. if they do not provide abortion services (not all do) they can probably refer you to another clinic in the area that does and therefore is in need of escorts.

  • bthny

    I tried leaving a comment in the post with the list of vigils but for some reason I could not:
    Stand Up for Dr. Tiller, Stand Up for Abortion
    Tuesday, June 2nd / 5:30 pm / Love Park (15th & JFK)

  • ShifterCat

    Someone pointed out that the Kansas stories over at A Heartbreaking Choice are very likely from the late Dr. Tiller’s patients.

  • Pantheon

    I liked the cartoon. I wish the creator of it would make a longer one– they could re-do all the footage in cartoons and make sure to obscure names and locations.

  • Zyfron

    I’ve been away from the web for a few days and didn’t get a chance to comment on the murder. I just wanted to say, that I think it’s good that even in the face of such tragedy people still band together and try to do something positive and spread awareness, and try not to give in to fear.
    I guess that’s all I have to say. I just didn’t want to end up not saying anything at all….

  • BackOfBusEleven

    For the past year or two, I have wanted to make a film about abortion. Not a documentary, but a story that might be based on true events (some truth, some fiction). I thought of this idea because there aren’t any movies out there that I know of that are just about abortion. You know, the kinds of abortions that happen every day. The ones that normal women get for normal reasons. And the women aren’t spending 45 minutes in movie time wrestling with the decision.
    I think the reason there aren’t that many movies about a regular abortion story is because those stories aren’t really that exciting. The stories of a teenager who thinks about having an abortion and then decides to have the baby take much longer to tell. So I thought to make the film a short. But then I thought, “Hey, why not make it just long enough to be a feature, just to prove myself wrong?” Of course, I have no movie-making skills at all, so this is all just thinking here.