Community Blog Round-up and a cartoon: In honor of Dr. Tiller

A cartoon video via the Women’s Medical Fund in Philadephia about abortion clinic workers in honor of Dr. Tiller:

And a round-up of all the Community Posts about Dr. Tiller:
Boston Vigil for Dr. George Tiller by meganjpeterson (For a full listing of events, see Ann’s post or our calendar)
A Moment of Silence for Dr. George Tiller by FunFrnd10

An Abortion Provider Reacts to the Murder of Dr. George Tiller
by sbherold
On the Issues: An Abortion Provider Reflects on Dr. George Tiller by On The Issues
George Tiller and How Dehumanization Leads to Violence by cng87
A Very Short Post from Skrr
Thanks to everyone who contributed posts today. If you attend vigils tonight, post about them at the community blog.

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