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What We Missed.

Tweet Ross Douthat clearly wanna be startin something, but Amanda calls it all out. Kenyon Farrow tells us that 40 years after Stonewall: black gays still targeted. The Wimbledon marginalizes players that are not “attractive.” This is both racist and sexist. And finally a piece by Amy Sueyoshi for American Sexualities Magazine (a project of [...]
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Getting Closer to Removing the HIV Travel and Immigration Ban.

TweetIn a historic move the Department of Health and Human Services has issued regulations that will start the process to lift the HIV travel and immigration ban. The ban is from the 80′s and has stigmatized and restricted the movement of people with HIV. The ban is based on discrimination, hate and fear. Andrew Sullivan [...]
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Reversing “Reverse” Racism or Something.

TweetThe case of Ricci v. DeStefano involved 17 firefighters who had taken the qualifications exam to become firefighters. All passed, all were white, but one Latino, and the city invalidated the test because they feared a racial discrimination lawsuit. The court found that this was essentially “reverse” racism and violated Title XII. The ruling yesterday [...]
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Just Because People Are Staying Married, Doesn’t Mean Marriage is Working.

TweetThe NY Times writes last week about marriage, infidelity and Mark Sanford, Despite strong social riptides working against it — the liberalization of divorce laws, the vanishing stigma of divorce, the continual online temptations of social sites like MySpace or Facebook — the marriage bond is far stronger in 21st-century America than many may assume. [...]
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OK Rep. Sally Kern blames recession on moral crisis in new “citizen’s proclamation”

Tweet A new level of batshit crazy has come out of Oklahoma, and not surprisingly authored by homobigoted Rep. Sally Kern (R). The state representative has taken it upon herself to create an “Oklahoma Citizen’s Proclamation for Morality,” which essentially blames the nation’s sinners (you know, like the gays and divorcees) on the economic recession. [...]
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