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Quick Note on Ads

TweetWe’re working on getting the ridiculous weight loss ads down, sorry about that folks. (We have to identify specific code for every crappy ad and send it to our ad company.) Thanks for your patience! Tweet
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R.I.P. Ron Takaki and Ivan Van Sertima

TweetTwo important race scholars, Ron Takaki and Ivan Van Sertima, passed away this week. Ivan Van Sertima was an anthropologist, linguist, literary critic, and the author of They Came Before Columbus (on Africans in ancient America) and Black Women in Antiquity, a history of real and mythical images of black women, from goddesses to queens [...]
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Target Women: Laundry

TweetThis is a good one, folks! An extra Haskins treat after the jump on “Cougars.” Tweet
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Amazon sells another video game where you “play” sexual abuser

Tweet*Possible trigger warning* While we haven’t been the biggest fans of Amazon as of late and their history of selling a rape simulation game (which they did end up banning), it looks like another game involving violence against women seems to have”slipped” past their radar. “Stockholm: An Exploration of True Love” is a game that [...]
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“Pregnancy scare” takes on a whole new meaning

TweetThis is just…wow. We’re a wee late to this; the ad was created by a program which is headed by the Leicester City Council in the UK, and was released by the National Health Service of Leicester. And despite YouTube banning it (not sure why it’s up again), NHS Leicester defended the ad, saying that [...]
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