Weekly Feminist Reader: Sonia Sotomayor edition

NY Times: A Judge’s Own Story Highlights Her Mother’s
What Tami Said: Sonia Sotomayor: How did she get in here? Or…The more things change; the more they stay the same
Think Progress: G. Gordon Liddy On Sotomayor: ‘Let’s Hope That The Key Conferences Aren’t When She’s Menstruating’
Feministe: Racism, Sexism and Sotomayor, in a few easy-to-read bullet points.
Post Bourgie: A word on empathy
F.R.I.D.A.: “On the Bench, With Fairness and Empathy”
Broadsheet: Sotomayor and abortion
RH Reality Check: Fair and Balanced: Weighing Sotomayor’s Opinionse
Slate: Republicans won’t beat Sonia Sotomayor by attacking her as too darn human.
Gender & Sexuality Law Blog: “Justice Sotomayor” – A View from Columbia Law School
What’s the best thing you’ve read so far on Sotomayor’s nomination?
Also, I know there’s been a lot of non-Supreme Court news this week, too. What have you all been reading and writing?

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  • Renee

    Sotomayor is “unnatural” in English: looking at racist attacks against her including one in which a white man declares it is to much to ask that her name be pronounced properly.
    “Mild Mannered” Grandfather Stabs Cheating Wife: Looking at the role race and gender played in a man receiving 4 years for attempting to kill his wife.
    Tory MP Pierre Poilievre Brings Tar Baby To Parliament Hill: Apparently all that matters is your intent and not the offense it causes when you use racist terms.
    Pearl Clutcher Rewind: Looking at the denial of white privielge by white women and why this causes a disconnection with WOC
    What Not to Wear: Blossom Faces the 360 Mirror: Looking at the sexism in the top rated TLC show. Apparently earning a PhD is not as important as wearing the right clothing.

  • Mina

    Thank you for the links!

  • Dusty

    SCOTUSblog has a great piece up about Judge Sotomayor’s 97 race-related cases:
    Short blurb:
    Of the 96 cases, Judge Sotomayor and the panel rejected the claim of discrimination roughly 78 times and agreed with the claim of discrimination 10 times; the remaining 8 involved other kinds of claims or dispositions. Of the 10 cases favoring claims of discrimination, 9 were unanimous. (Many, by the way, were procedural victories rather than judgments that discrimination had occurred.) Of those 9, in 7, the unanimous panel included at least one Republican-appointed judge. In the one divided panel opinion, the dissent’s point dealt only with the technical question of whether the criminal defendant in that case had forfeited his challenge to the jury selection in his case. So Judge Sotomayor rejected discrimination-related claims by a margin of roughly 8 to 1.
    Of course these facts will not see the light of day with the rightwingtards..they will continue to lie about her record and call her a racist.

  • Mollie

    http://theunityproject.blogspot.com/ -A photo collection of pictures submitted from around the world, from people who want world unity.
    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jon-soltz/petraeus-says-us-violated_b_209215.html –Petraeus Says U.S. Violated Geneva Conventions – What Will Cheney and Rush Say?
    http://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/31/nyregion/31projects.html –famous New Yorkers who started in NY housing projects, including Sotomayor!
    http://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/31/us/politics/31identity.html –Court Choice Brings Issue of “Identity” Back Out
    http://queersunited.blogspot.com/2009/05/maya-angelou-calls-for-marriage.html –Maya Angelou Calls for Marriage Equality. (and she’s lobbied New York State legislators on the issue too!)

  • Naught

    There seems to be a ton of confusion floating around (some probably intentionally injected, some probably accidental) about Sotomayor’s membership in the National Council of La Raza. That organization is, so far as I’ve been able to find, completely aboveboard and legitimate; they seem to be fairly similar to a Hispanic NAACP.
    There are several Hispanic separatist organizations which are connected with violent acts and that use “La Raza” in their names or slogans, such as MEChA, that have been repeatedly connected with violence and terrorist acts. However, again so far as I can find, nobody has found any association between Sotomayor and such organizations.
    Does anyone have more information on this? All of the “Hispanic KKK” stuff I’ve found talks about organizations like MEChA and then says that Sotomayor is a member of NCLR.

  • Adrian

    I thought the ADA case described in the NYT (linked above via F.R.I.D.A.) was rather ambiguous. Sometimes reasonable accommodation really *can’t* overcome a particular disability enough to let a person do a particular job, and a court has to say so. Should say so courteously, but it’s hard to say if lack of empathy led Sotomayor to a bad decision.
    Jocks v. Tavernier is a more disturbing case, because it has to do with police power.
    We talk about a judge having empathy, because she grew up in a poor family, because she has been subject to ethnic discrimination…that leads me to expect her to be more aware of how the powerless are exploited. I do not expect her to side with the powerful against the powerless, when there are not compelling reasons to do so. Sonia Sotomayor may be the best we can get, in the current political climate. I don’t know. But she’s not setting up to be another Thurgood Marshall or Louis Brandeis.

  • Naught

    Sotomayor ruled FOR Bartlett in the reading disability case, though, and Bartlett, when asked about it, praised Sotomayor. You sound like you think Sotomayor ruled for the bar association.

  • mk

    Reading: I’m finally about to sit down with The Purity Myth (heavily requested in my library system!), and I’m also pretty excited about starting From Barbie to Mortal Kombat: Gender and Computer Games by Henry Jenkins.
    Writing: I’ve got posts up on whether certain kind of graphic depictions are worth watching in movies, and how social gaming environments can actually be good for talking about homophobia.
    (I’ve also been writing a lot about bacon, but that’s sort of another story…)

  • MzBitca
  • Trouble

    I wrote a post about a popular feminist site that ignores ablist language in its comments, having emailed the maintainers of that site and been ignored, both about ablist language and about whether their site was accessible to text readers.

  • Adrian

    Whoops. You’re right. Sorry about that mistake.

  • llevinso

    Have you still received no response from Feministing? I see that blog post was written on the 19th so I was wondering if you had still heard nothing. If so, that is definitely not right. That comment that your blog linked to was absolutely awful and should have been removed. And you should’ve at least gotten a response back from someone here.

  • aftercancer

    I just want to make sure than all women who are taking Tamoxifen are aware of the the need to check any antidepressants they may be taking after new research.

  • EvilSlutClique

    This week at Evil Slutopia we discussed why GOP adviser Dave Carney felt it was appropriate to make a whorehouse reference regarding Kay Bailey Hutchinson’s upcoming challenge of Texas Governor Rick Perry and why it’s disingenuous for Bristol Palin to be preaching abstinence while refusing to acknowledge whether or not she had unsafe sex.

  • JetGirl70

    Why foodie elitism keeps some women from home cooking:

  • Rachel_in_WY

    Yeah, that whole comment thread was pretty disturbing.

  • http://genderacrossborders.wordpress.com Gender Across Borders

    In The Strong City Cult, Maria writes about a man who duped people into thinking that he was God’s son and that he was ordered by God to sleep with young virgins.
    Women’s health advocates want to make abortion in Chile safer in J. Mack’s Need an Abortion in Chile? Call this number
    Comments got quite steamy on Emily’s post: Title IX: Why don’t we apply it to sports?
    Obama’s refusal to release pictures of sexual abuse at Abu Ghraib was discussed in a blogpost by Elizabeth in Sexual Abuse at Abu Ghraib.

  • JetGirl70

    It doesn’t surprise me that the commenter in question would go that far. This is someone who said, quite seriously, that he would not hire a woman’s college graduate because he thought she would not be able to handle working with men. When I pointed out that everyone from our current secretary of state to the president of Harvard University went to a women’s college, he brushed me off, saying hiring in academia is different. Riight, because being president of one of the world’s most prestigious universities does not involve dealing with men! Long story short, he’s an ignorant blowhard.

  • Mollie

    http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=104683678&ft=1&f=1014 …5 ways the GOP could stall a vote on Sotomayor

  • Feminist Review

    Related to why it’s important to get a pro-choice judge on the Supreme Court is Citizen “Entrapment”: Lila Rose and 21st Century Stealth Pro-Life Activism. This article on RH Reality Check is about a new method the Right is using to put an end to abortion that uses the rhetoric of the Left against itself.
    Also of interest is She Said No To The Test, how a Laotian American teen protested No Child Left Behind and won.

  • Feminist Review

    From Bitch blogs this week…
    Ladies…Firsts, Nancy Drew-loving Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor is joined this month by two other recent notable First…Ladies.
    Nollywood Actress Says ‘No’ To Nude Hollywood Role, Nigeria’s booming film industry, Nollywood, ranks second highest in global film production (nestled between India’s Bollywood and America’s Hollywood), and its actors are now being sought by the higher paying US studios. This new development brings with it the need for complex conversations about gender, sexuality, culture, and the lure of money.
    “How Well do you know Women??” I took the quiz to find out., Although this quiz claims to be “For Men Only!!” it has made me curious. How well DO I know women?
    Pièce de Résistance: Lila GhobadyIranian filmmaker Lila Ghobady speaks about resistance and Iranian underground cinema.

  • Feminist Review

    A few feminist reviews this week are…
    Forgiveness from a Feminist Perspective: Norlock argues that despite what many philosophers have ignored in the relationship between gender and forgiveness, the act of forgiving is very much a gendered act. Women are overwhelmingly expected to forgive—not necessarily because they are more wronged, though that argument could certainly be made—and often, forgiveness is associated with a particular type of femininity.
    Subversive Art Star: An Interview with Jerilea Zempel: Artist Jerilea Zempel turns brutal machines of war into “warm and fuzzy” sculptures through her subversive crochet projects. She achieved brief Internet stardom via The Colbert Report when Stephen Colbert called her “a dangerous returning American”—aka an artist who crochets covers for SUVs and tanks—after she was detained by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers, who discovered her artist notebook replete with line drawings of SUVs and crocheting plans.
    Dunya and Desie:Desie’s world focuses around boys and her best friend Dunya, while Dunya’s life revolves around her parent’s expectations of her. Dunya being Danish Muslim, her parents expect her to adhere to family traditions, one of which includes an arranged marriage.

  • MomTFH

    Oops, a day late and a dollar short. Happy Monday everybody. I have been very bloggy this week.
    Probably because I am procrastinating and should be studying for my med school board exams by coming up with crazy mnemonic devices.
    I wrote about the sad U.S. obstetrical climate twice. Once, because a friend of mine was sadly but typically denied a planned attempt at a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). What was completely medically ass backwards was when she was sectioned even when she showed up in labor! And, I wrote about RH Reality Check’s mostly good coverage of the VBAC study that has the evidence based recommendations her doctors were ignoring.
    I tooted my own horn because I am so psyched to be printed in hip Mama zine!!
    And, Dr. Tiller was shot and killed.

  • EvilSlutClique

    Even though this was after the weekly blog… we did finally post our own Anti-Sotomayor Stupidity Scorecard.