Quick Note on Ads

We’re working on getting the ridiculous weight loss ads down, sorry about that folks. (We have to identify specific code for every crappy ad and send it to our ad company.) Thanks for your patience!

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  • Ruby

    I was wondering about that. I thought about sending an email, but figured you were probably already aware and working on it. But still relieved to hear that!

  • vegkitty

    Adblock ftw. :)

  • FeminismFriday

    What about the one I just saw?
    Did he stop calling? Find out why. Avoid making these mistakes with men.
    Not the exact text but you get the point. Clearly the woman is to blame! LOL!

  • FeminismFriday

    That was posted under this article on the main page.

  • jess_stephens

    Thank goodness for that! Thanks :D

  • angelfish65

    Thank you! I wish I had the patience to figure out how these awful spammers are able to broadcast these crappy ads EVERYWHERE. It sure looks like they’re the same people who had the acai-berry scam not too long ago. Looks they’re also into whitening teeth and erasing wrinkles. Every time I see one of these ads it makes me angry.

  • Emily

    lol, yeah, I was about to comment on that one. I mean, come on!, on a feminist website, really?

  • Mariella

    I was wondering about that! good call.

  • EllaB

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  • Laura Roslin

    Addblockplus for a while, maybe a week, yes, but this is one of the sites I don’t want to block, so I’m glad the staff is solving it.
    I mean, being foreigner&poor_enough*, not blocking feministing adds and sometimes visiting those links is about the only thing I can do to support the site.
    *I can pay for the internet line, so I’m not starving, but my laptop is the cheapest I could found about 3 years ago, and runs a free operative system, and only runs free software. If I had to pay licenses for the commercial versions of the software I’m using, I couldn’t afford the internet line.

  • CJ76

    Uh oh! Pointing out that obesity is a legit US health issue, now you’ve done it!
    Those ads are usually a crock though because they’re advertising some type of snake oil miracle cure. “Take this pill and the fat melts off.”
    Anyway good luck with the barrage of vitriol that’s probably going to come your way real soon.

  • Liza

    How pathetic and sad that a simple post apologizing for wildly inappropriate ads would actually elicit an “OMGTHEFATTYSAREGONNADIIIIIIIIIIIIE” comment.
    Hope this doesn’t get caught up in the spam filter.

  • maleficent

    Gee, that sounds an awful lot like a spam advertisement to me.
    By the way, the reason weight loss scams are so popular is due to propaganda produced by companies who are more concerned with profits than with people’s health.
    Payday loans are another HUGE scam, in case you didn’t know.

  • CathyLBeck

    Maybe you should do something about the stereotypically attractive women sitting on either side of the blog title too!