“Pregnancy scare” takes on a whole new meaning

This is just…wow.

We’re a wee late to this; the ad was created by a program which is headed by the Leicester City Council in the UK, and was released by the National Health Service of Leicester. And despite YouTube banning it (not sure why it’s up again), NHS Leicester defended the ad, saying that it was merely designed to “shock” and “provoke” younger people.
“We know this film is hard-hitting, but so are the numbers of under-18s getting pregnant in Leicester. The city’s Teenage Pregnancy and Parenthood Partnership has been successful in cutting the numbers of young girls getting pregnant,” said Tim Rideout, chief executive of NHS Leicester City.
Shock? Yes. Provoke? If they mean “provoke” young people to run away screaming from The Sex, not so much. While the program is pro-contraception and pro-choice, using the same fear and shame tactics as abstinence-only programs have so ineffectively done is not the route to go. (Not to mention it’s, ya know, fucked up.)
The kicker is they’re starting a “drama series” in June. That should be a hoot.

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