Two Girls, One Sub Ad Subverts Nada

I sent this parody of the notoriously horrific and degrading porno video “Two Girls, One Cup” to a beloved guy friend earlier this week and he wrote back that he thought it was meant to be a joke. Which, yes, it is. But that doesn’t mean it’s a good one.

My response to him: I’m sort of sick of people thinking they’re making a joke while using all of the same antiquated conventions of the thing they’re making fun of, i.e. objectifying women, promoting perfectionist body standards, fetishistizing blondes and Asians, making a mockery of actual female sexuality etc. etc. etc.
It’s not funny. It’s like white people making fun of racism by peddling in racist stereotypes.
His response: I hear you.
Little feminist education of the day, done. (brushing hands together)
Thanks to Frisky for the heads up.

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  • vegkitty

    Wait… so you guys don’t sit around in bikinis and wedge heels with your best friend in an unnecessarily white space eating sandwiches and having orgasms because you’re eating sandwiches?

  • aislingeach

    Yes, but it’s still chocolate/candy and therefore in the class of things that women aren’t supposed to eat.

  • makncheese

    Well duhh! Yea…of COURSE we do, but thats not the point!

  • HiTiddleyITi

    I’m pretty sure that the makers of this internet video chose a Quiznos’ bag because their real commercial ( ) plays upon the sandwich as a phallic object to the millionth degree. I can understand if the people swearing off Quiznos want to be mad about that ad of course, especially if sexual harassment in the workplace hits close to home, or you just hate 2001: A Space Odyssey. I happen to think that they handled it pretty well by advertising industry standards.

  • The Boggart

    I think that Fling and it’s ilk are in a separate category: “imagined naughtiness”. I interpreted Fling’s marketing campaign as “imagine you are eating all those dirty, naughty, calorie-laden boy foods, when really this is a nice, safe girl food with x amount of calories”.

  • jellyleelips

    Oh yes, her Target Women: Yogurt was one of my favorites :)

  • lyophil

    I’m not sure that it was a good joke, but I did see the possibility that it was making fun of, even slamming, the absurd behaviors depicted as typifying the nonexistent “everywoman” in the porno industry, in addition to derogating the truly silly sexualization by the advertising industry of “everyproduct” -ranging from deodorant to tractor tires- that will get you “the hot sex”… Think Paris Hilton’s car washing (whilst eating a hamburger) scene?

  • Roja

    it’s called two girls one sub, so if you know what two girls one cup is about, you know why this is degrading as an ad. The sub is replacing human FECES in this video, not a sexual organ.

  • Roja

    for some consenting adults degrading can be fun (and safe) in the bedroom, but bringing it into an ad (for something completely unrelated to sex) is not ok.
    And yes, it is ESPECIALLY not ok because of the degrading aspect of it. Because being degraded by CHOICE in the bedroom for FUN and PLEASURE is different from being degraded as a whole demographic in an ad, without your consent or control.

  • Napalm Nacey

    There’s a cleaning brand here called “Mr. Muscle”, and I recall there being some ads where a muscular guy in a white-t is doing all the cleaning for the wife, representing the cleaning power of the liquid in the spray bottle. Not quite what you mean, but I think a nudge in the right direction. It was the 80s though, I don’t know if they’d make that ad these days.

  • twincats

    I really thought that commercial would be history and pronto because it struck me as so very homoerotic. Which, for the record, I thought was hysterical on one hand and peculiarly progressive on the other.
    I guess I underestimated how deliberately blind some people can be, since it’s still going strong here in a SoCal market that includes conservative Orange county and the even more conservative Inland Empire.

  • Aileen Wuornos

    Oh god, I second this.

  • mikem

    You brauds need to relax and have a sense of humor.

  • Alexandr

    What’s a “braud”?

  • mikem

    Comment deleted.

  • Vanessa

    Troll banned all!