Two Girls, One Sub Ad Subverts Nada

I sent this parody of the notoriously horrific and degrading porno video “Two Girls, One Cup” to a beloved guy friend earlier this week and he wrote back that he thought it was meant to be a joke. Which, yes, it is. But that doesn’t mean it’s a good one.

My response to him: I’m sort of sick of people thinking they’re making a joke while using all of the same antiquated conventions of the thing they’re making fun of, i.e. objectifying women, promoting perfectionist body standards, fetishistizing blondes and Asians, making a mockery of actual female sexuality etc. etc. etc.
It’s not funny. It’s like white people making fun of racism by peddling in racist stereotypes.
His response: I hear you.
Little feminist education of the day, done. (brushing hands together)
Thanks to Frisky for the heads up.

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