According to Daily Mail, Childless Women are Drunk, Lazy, Bitchy, and Weird

When Carol Sarler shares the following info over at the Daily Mail, you might assume that she’d then make an effort to defend the perfectly reasonable right of all women to decide when, if, and how they have children (IF being the operative word here):

Research conducted over six years shows that far from bosses and colleagues always being suspicious of a working mother, the opposite is becoming true: it is the childless woman who is regarded as cold and odd.
As a result, it is these single-track careerists who are increasingly likely to be vilified, refused jobs and denied promotion because many employers believe them to lack what the study calls ‘an essential humanity’.

Instead, this incredibly insensitive and just plain discriminatory writer, does everything in her literary powers to chastise any woman who doesn’t want children:

It’s not the mothers, for a start, who are going to turn up late and hungover after a night on the razz; they’ll have been up, dressed and alert for hours, having cooked a family breakfast and delivered their children to school. On time.
It’s not the mothers, usually, who run the office bitch-fest.
They’re not there to compete for the attentions of the male executives; they’re there to get out of the house; they’re there because they genuinely enjoy some adult company; and they’re there because they have mouths to feed other than their own and shoes to buy for someone else’s feet.

I’m the kind of lady who has known she wanted kids since she was a kid. It’s just something I’ve felt in my bones. But it is exactly because it is such an intuitive, personal feeling that I know it isn’t necessarily, nor should it be, a shared sentiment. Raising children is a huge sacrifice–financially, emotionally, in terms of sleep and autonomy–and one that, yes, a lot of women and men are up for, but it is beyond understandable when folks don’t want to procreate. It actually makes more rational sense in a certain way.
If you love your childless life, and don’t feel the pull to procreate, why in the world would you do it? So you could be a better worker, as Sarler bizarrely suggests? So you can cease your boozing? So you can stop looking for a man (because, ahem, all women are heterosexual and all mothers are married. Wha?!)? So you can stop being such a bitch (this, too, makes perfect sense…childless women, who get eight restful hours of sleep, great sex, and can spend what would have been diaper money on a massage or a great meal are always such bitches!)?
Suffice it to say that this Sarler gal has gotta a lot of hate mail coming her way. And I hope it’s not just from those wacky childless women, but from all of us who champion every woman’s right to choose about children.
Thanks to multiple readers for giving up the heads up.

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