Notes from a bitch…the joy of logging off…

Something about the month of April wore me out!
Maybe it was that tax thang…or my car breaking down…or our oven breaking down…or it could have been that last mechanical failure with the washer. Shit, it was all of that plus life and I was worn out.
And have you ever been so worn out that you were too worn out to realize that you are worn the hell out?
Yeah, that’s where I was.
So, I kept moving forward…only it was like walking through mud. And I kept saying yes to things…only to find myself stressed out by the opportunity the next day.
When this worn out frenzy of not completing anything continued into May, it really started to trouble me. But then I did something I haven’t done it far too many months.
A bitch logged off.
I did.
Friday evening I let my SisterGirl MacBook power down…I turned off my cell phone…I let the newspapers sit and I turned the telly to anything-but-news programming.
For real!
I didn’t power Ms. SisterGirl MacBook up until this morning…didn’t turn my cell phone back on until just a few minutes ago…and put the papers out to recycle when I let my dawgs out for their morning bitness.
Judging from the refreshitude I’m currently enjoying this morning, 48 hours of offline and it was just what I needed!
Not only did everything not fall apart, but I’m actually enjoying catching up on my emails! Who knew?
Anyhoo, one of the constant threats to an activist is burnout. We go and go…from preparing for an action, to taking an action, to analyzing the action, to following up on the action and then on to the next action. And too often we…or at least this bitch…forget that we need down time the same way a computer needs to power off every now and then.
I know from personal experience that logging off is hard to do. But nothing reminds a body of the benefits of a few days offline like a few days offline…

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