Weekly Feminist Reader: Mother’s Day Edition

Bilerico Project: Genderqueer Mommy
Feministing Community: Dear Greeting Card Companies
The Nation: Michelle Obama, Mom-in-Chief
Womanist Musings: Mothers, Embrace the Insanity!
The Unapologetic Mexican: Happy Mother’s Day! Feliz dia de la Madre!
Feminist Peace Network: In Honor Of The Missing Mothers
Slate: How to return Mother’s Day to its original meaning
Bitch: Mother’s Day, by the book
The Pursuit of Harpyness: We Don’t Need a New June Cleaver
Science Progress: What My 91-Year-Old Mother Wants for Mother’s Day (It’s Health Care for All)
Jack & Jill Politics: Why Mother’s Day is Special for African-Americans
The Kitchen Table: Motherhood and Loss

Slate: The Orphan Trade
New America Media: This Mother’s Day, Let’s Promise Her Equal Pay
Broadsheet: The funny thing about mothers

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  • http://evilslutopia.com EvilSlutClique

    We did a slightly-less-comprehensive Mother’s Day link roundup. And we talked about a conservative group called One Million Moms targeting Miley Cyrus for her very shocking statements about gay marriage. (We also made the very shocking discovery that sex workers are people too, and we talked about a bill that was recently reintroduced in Congress that seeks to protect children from the horror of Viagra commercials in our latest piece for SexGenderBody.)

  • http://genderacrossborders.wordpress.com Gender Across Borders

    We did not do a mother’s day edition, but did focus on a lot of sexual health issues this past week:
    Carrie wrote about Uganda and the Criminalization of Homosexuality.
    Thomas wrote about his personal experience on feminism, masculinity, and relations between men and women in A Brief Genealogy of Festivals.
    Comments heated up at J. Mack’s article on Birth Control for Men: Coming Soon?
    Emily wrote about Obama cutting federal spending on abstinence-only programs (featuring an activity called “spit in a cup” which shows why abstinence-only programs don’t work) in Sex Education News.
    Covering Miss Beautiful Morals: Elizabeth wrote about how the U.S. media others Muslim women.

  • MzBitca
  • MzBitca
  • borrow_tunnel

    I skipped the Hallmark card, flowers, frilly decorations and even electronics. I bought her a book on negotiating salary and raises. She said it would be useful because she was looking for a new job soon. I think she likes money more than flowers. The book is a compliment to her good sense.

  • Renee

    Thanks so much for the link love
    Black Men/White Women: Sølve Sundsbø Sex, Racism and Possibilities: Looking at photos done by Sundsbo featuring naked black men surrounding a white woman. Is it still art when it reifies the isms?
    Systemic Oppression: Sexual Assault Edition: Looking at the sexual assault of Native American women
    Always A Tramp: Lil Kim On Dancing With The Stars: Looking at how Lil Kim was slut shamed on dancing with the stars and the role that race played in her being called a tramp.
    Boo Yaa It’s Period Time: Looking at the way that menstruation is sometimes constructed as a danger to men because women supposedly cannot control their hormones.

  • wax_ghost

    Wow, thanks. I wasn’t even sure if I should post that here or not. :)

  • aniri

    Thank you so much for “The Funny Thing About Mothers” link. I just spent 15 minutes of PoscardsFromYoMomma.com and can’t stop laughing. I am almost in tears. What a great idea and so funny. Definitely makes me appreciate my mom!

  • Feminist Review

    Doppelgänger Alert!: An Interview with Missy Magazine: Coming onto the hipster scene in Germany just one year ago, Missy Magazine looks at pop culture, fashion, art, sex, and music through a feminist lens. Missy is being called the “little sister” of Emma, the country’s leading feminist magazine known for its serious journalism (think Ms.), but Missy doesn’t need anyone to watch over her; she’s standing on her own two feet, out of the shadow of her so-called older sibling.
    The Other Side of Desire: Bergner examines four distinct case studies of individuals with non-normative sexual proclivities, including a foot fetishist struggling with debilitating shame, a man who propositioned his adolescent stepdaughter, and an unrepentant female sadist who openly rejects the “safe, sane, consensual” mantra of the Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, Masochism (BDSM) community.
    Witnessing Suburbia: Conservatives and Christian Youth Culture: traces the suburbanization of modern evangelism, exploring how evangelical Christians have become increasingly consumption-oriented and have expertly engaged in a “Christianization” of popular culture. Convinced of music’s duality—weapon of the devil or of Jesus, never neutral—a number of evangelical Christians believed they had found the ultimate battleground on which to wage war for the souls of the unsaved.
    The Housekeeper and the Professor: If you want to read a book that is punch-you-in-the-gut beautiful, then pick up Yoko Ogawa’s book. This novel is a careful meditation on memory and communication. The precision of the plot is such that you won’t know what hit you until you finish the very last sentence; you’ll feel as moved as you do gutted.

  • http://www.canow.org/canoworg/2009/05/mothers-day-is-coming-and-im-pissed.html tiggrrl.livejournal.com

    I did a piece on Mothers’ Day too: Mothers’ Day is Coming, and I am Pissed

  • j7sue2

    I found the gq mommy article interesting. But I didn’t feel that hir use of female designated toilets mentioned at the end was particularly subversive. It seemed compliant, and gender essentialist to me. Kinda – yes I might do all these blokey things but I’m REALLY a woman underneath. Which goes right along with all that cis-sexual othering of trans women in an exactly similar way.