Weekly Feminist Reader: Mother’s Day Edition

Bilerico Project: Genderqueer Mommy
Feministing Community: Dear Greeting Card Companies
The Nation: Michelle Obama, Mom-in-Chief
Womanist Musings: Mothers, Embrace the Insanity!
The Unapologetic Mexican: Happy Mother’s Day! Feliz dia de la Madre!
Feminist Peace Network: In Honor Of The Missing Mothers
Slate: How to return Mother’s Day to its original meaning
Bitch: Mother’s Day, by the book
The Pursuit of Harpyness: We Don’t Need a New June Cleaver
Science Progress: What My 91-Year-Old Mother Wants for Mother’s Day (It’s Health Care for All)
Jack & Jill Politics: Why Mother’s Day is Special for African-Americans
The Kitchen Table: Motherhood and Loss

Slate: The Orphan Trade
New America Media: This Mother’s Day, Let’s Promise Her Equal Pay
Broadsheet: The funny thing about mothers

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