New Hampshire One (More) Step Backwards on Trans Rights

As the New Hampshire Senate passed a bill this week to legalize same-sex marriage, we find trans people’s rights were completely fucked on the same day.
While the House rejected a bill in late March that would protect transgender people’s rights under the state’s anti-discrimination and hate crime law, the Senate is apparently in the same boat:

The New Hampshire Senate today unanimously rejected a bill that would have extended anti-discrimination laws to transgendered people.
House Bill 415 would have protected those with sexual identity issues in areas of housing and employment, much the way the state’s laws protects others from discrimination on the basis of color, race, religion or sexual orientation.

I find it interesting that Democrats apparently “blasted opponents of the bill for dubbing the measure the ‘bathroom bill,’ a move they said created misunderstanding and fear among the general population” but the Senate (with a Democratic majority) unanimously rejected the bill with a 24-0 vote. Am I missing something, or is there a huge WTF here?
Read more at Questioning Transphobia and Pam’s House Blend, and then contact the Senate and tell them how appalled you are at this bullshit.

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