That’s why they call it Plan B, asshole.

Mike Galanos, Robert Tepper and Sylvester Stallone know the truth about EC.
CNN anchor Mike Galanos knows better about your contraception choices than you. In fact, he knows better than the FDA too! In response to the recent decision allowing 17-year olds to buy emergency contraception without a prescription, Galanos took it upon himself to write an opinion piece on the issue, imploring to parents that they’re being left in the dark while their irresponsible daughters make this “life-changing decision.”
The whole piece is enough to make you irate, although my favorite line is:

“We are making it available to high school girls. We’re enabling teenagers to act carelessly with an easy way out.

Ah yes, now we see what Galanos is really getting at: 17-year old women are not only not responsible enough to make decisions about their bodies, but will use EC as a means to have all The Sex they want and get away with it!
The random scenarios he poses are just as bad, completely stripping them of their agency (your boyfriends will make you take it!) while making them seem like reckless EC poppers who need “medical supervision” for a completely safe and, in fact, responsible choice when your regular contraception fails.

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