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Dr. Tiller’s murder: What you can do

TweetIn comments to my previous post on the killing of Dr. George Tiller, AnatomyFightSong asked, I would love to hear people’s thoughts on how we can mobilize to (non-violently) fight back. How can we turn this terrible tragedy into an opportunity to strengthen the pro-choice movement? It’s hard to know how to respond to something [...]
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Breaking: Abortion provider George Tiller murdered

TweetDr. George Tiller, an outspoken advocate for abortion rights and one of the few late-term abortion providers in the country, was shot dead in church this morning. Cara writes at Feministe, This is the first time an abortion provider has been murdered in over a decade. I have friends who work in abortion clinics. This [...]
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Weekly Feminist Reader: Sonia Sotomayor edition

TweetNY Times: A Judge’s Own Story Highlights Her Mother’s What Tami Said: Sonia Sotomayor: How did she get in here? Or…The more things change; the more they stay the same Think Progress: G. Gordon Liddy On Sotomayor: ‘Let’s Hope That The Key Conferences Aren’t When She’s Menstruating’ Feministe: Racism, Sexism and Sotomayor, in a few [...]
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Ask Professor Foxy: I Just Can’t Cum!

TweetThis weekly Saturday column “Ask Professor Foxy” will regularly contain sexually explicit material. This material is likely not safe for work viewing. The title of the column will include the major topic of the post, so please read the topic when deciding whether or not to read the entire column. Dear Professor Foxy, I have [...]
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Sexual Assault at Abu Ghraib and Privacy Rights

TweetRecent updates about the photos taken at Abu Ghraib (and being withheld by President Obama) including sexual assault of the detainees is incredibly upsetting, infuriating and fills me with deep shame for being a citizen of a nation whose (previous) administration sanctioned this kind of inhumanity and violence. And these truths are ones that I [...]
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