Support Latin@ Voices: Presenting ¡PRESENTE!

We are happy to announce the launch of ¡PRESENTE! an online organizing effort to support and make powerful voices of the Latin@ community. From their introduction letter,

Our goal is to create a broad-based online community of Latinos and our allies strong enough to make the United States honor its promises and protect our people. We’re starting with immigration, but we won’t stop there–we’ll provide you with ongoing opportunities to make change on the issues that most affect our communities.

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via Nezua.

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  • LalaReina

    Being Boricua I have to say I have an interest here.

  • cubanoheat

    its a nice thought, but frankly, i no more trust the USA with the welfare of latin america than i would the nazis. if anything, we need the US to stay the fuck out, with all the damage their neo-liberal policies, foreign intervention, espionage activities, etc, cause in their ‘back yard’. this comment, by the way, is not aimed at all americans, just the government & other powrful people. the only hope is in my country, along with venezuela & bolivia.