Quick Hit: Veto on the Swine flu to “Mexican” flu.

Sorry, not OK to rename the swine flu to the “Mexican” flu. Channing Kennedy writes at the Racewire blog,

Let me be among the first to say that the move by some to rename ‘swine flu’ to ‘Mexican flu’ is offensive on its face and in its roots. It does everything to fuel unfounded fears, and it politicizes a serious health crisis in a thinly veiled effort to stoke hatred toward an already-vulnerable group. Worst of all, it doesn’t even blame the right people!

And better yet, renames it to Spring Breaker flu. Go read the rest. High-larious.

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  • aznemesis

    ” I don’t think it’s fair to stereotype North Americans as lazy, disease-ridden rich people who are disrespectful to Mexican borders.”

    You say you’re not American, so I’ll let you in on something: Americans, especially those who live near the Mexican border, are disrespectful to Mexican borders and laws. I can’t count the Americans who go down to Mexico, break the laws (including trying to take guns into a country where they’re illegal), then whine about being arrested. I’ve seen so many news reports with whining Americans talking about how they “forgot” they had guns in the car when they crossed over. The worst part? They often get off on the charges! Do you think the same assholes are arguing that Mexicans should be let off the hook for violating American laws?
    Then, you get the idiot students who go down and treat Mexico like a toilet, acting in ways they would never act in their own country. Then, they too bitch and whine if they get busted for acting like the drunk assholes they are. I’m white, but my husband is first generation Mexican-American and the Southwestern Mex-Am culture is the one in which we raise our children. Americans in this part of the country are, by and large, disgusting in their treatment of Mexico and Mexicans.