Feminist Comic: DAR

There have been past posts on feminist web-comics and feminst comic books.  I just wanted to add one more comic that I don’t remember seeing on this:

DAR: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary is a (NSFW) webcomic about the life of the artist, Erika Moen.  It typically focuses on her identity of herself, gender, and sexuality.  She started it in college in 2004, during which she identified as lesbian.  She writes about her relationships and heartbreak s as well as about her life in general .  Additionally, she writes about her family’s feelings about her sexuality.  Then, after she gets out of college she meets a man who she *really really* likes.  This confuses her, and she has a few comics about that too.  It further goes into her relationship with him, and anything more would be a spoiler.

(This and this are two of my favorites. It’s really not safe for work. There’s a penis in it.)

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