Fun with Feminist Flickr: Ex-Smoker Edition

I don’t smoke anymore (thanks to all of the support from our readers, I’m nearly four months smoke-free!), but if I did, I’d totally get this. But fuck it, you don’t need to be a smoker to own a zippo, right??

via rrho.

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  • whaler

    Just buy more candles as an excuse to use it :)

  • ashley88

    I feel like this post could be titled:
    “Fun with Feminist Commodification.”

  • Jennie

    Exactly! Zippos are for lighting candles in my mind.

  • Loulouloulou

    Um, appropriation of the Black Power salute? Really!?

  • fingercrust

    Well, actually… the fist has a much larger history. It’s generally accepted as a symbol for resistance and solidarity, used by many leftist organizations/people.

  • vhs

    someone’s got a bit of a narrow horizon, there? No offence, but the fist-symbol is probably 50 years older than the Black Power Movement. I would not accuse the BP-movement of “appropriating” this old socialist, feminist and refusenik symbol, even though that would be more “accurate” if any such claims where to make sense. On the contrary: the fist is an old symbol of struggle against oppression and solidarity. The black power movements “appropriation” of it was and is totally appropriate.

  • vhs

    These “Fun with Feminist Flick” posts seems to be really annoying to some people. There’s always complaints in the comments no matter what the photo is of, be it graffiti-art or utility items. I really don’t know what to say here… I just find this strange. What’s the deal with the consistent negativity in these posts?
    Go Feminist Flickr!

  • vhs

    not “struggle against oppression and solidarity” but a symbol of “struggle against oppression” and “of solidarity :)

  • PS

    Awesome! :) I think I will buy this. Not annoying in the least ! Thanks

  • Lilitu

    Shit, I’ve never smoked and I’ve got, like, 6 Zippos and other refillable lighters. This one is awesome and I would happily add it to my collection.

  • torrie

    Congratulations on your four month quit, Vanessa! That’s great. Sometimes there is something in a post that makes a tiny derail worthwhile and a good solid quit is one of them.

  • icanhaspickles

    Congrats on quitting smoking!
    I’m with whaler – you need some candles as an excuse to get this.

  • rameysauruswrecks!

    Has anyone been able to find information on how to order this lighter in the US?

  • rameysauruswrecks!

    Has anyone been able to find information on how to order this lighter in the United States?

  • moodygirl

    Seriously, you’ve never seen this icon before at some point in the last forty years?

  • Liza

    First of all, a big HUZZAH and congrats on quitting, I hope maybe you inspire other feminists to kick that awful habit. :)
    Second of all, I’ve never smoked and I had a zippo-style lighter, so I don’t see why you shouldn’t get one. Unless of course you think having something like that would make you want to smoke again, in which case you could probably find that logo on just about fucking anything else you wanted.

  • visibility

    congrats vanessa on quitting smoking!
    that is one the best things anyone can do for their health and the health of their loved ones. it’s not easy to quit by any means – and i commend you on a job well done.
    let’s hope our president is on his way to a smoke-free life as well :)

  • educatedvagabond

    Well, I’m a smoker and I definitely want one of those lighters! Where can I order one?

  • Napalm Nacey

    I use zippos and lighters all the time – lighting stoves, lighting incense, lighting candles. No reason why a non-smoker or ex-smoker shouldn’t have one! (Unless, like another poster suggested, it might make you want to smoke).

  • Vanessa

    Thanks so much all, it makes it easier with such an awesome community that’s got your back : )

  • CrystalPM

    wow.. so nice!!!! its one of the hardest things to do…
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