Our Community Bloggers rock!

Community blogger Lynne C. had a post that she wrote for Feministing reprinted in the Toronto Star. And yesterday we got a radio interview request for another Community blogger to speak about the issues she’s been covering.
I think this is totally bad ass – and part of the reason we wanted to start the Community site. The idea was to highlight all of the amazing feminist voices out there and to try and get more mainstream attention paid to more feminist perspectives – and that’s happening. Woot!

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  • fatima

    thats amazing! now if only you guys would answer my emails about why the site wont let me post on the community blog :(

  • Jessica

    Fatima – I haven’t seen your emails! Send me a note at jessica at feministing dot com and I’ll do my best to help you out.

  • lyndorr

    Same here. I’ve e-mailed Courtney because Vanessa’s e-mail address wouldn’t work for me. I’d like to be able to post.

  • Jessica

    Any tech issues you’re having just shoot me an email.

  • Flowers

    I too get the “You are not allowed to post.” message. I thought maybe you had to be a blogger to be allowed or something.

  • amy_sarah

    Lynne – congrats! That’s really amazing! For those outside Toronto, that’s one of our major papers, and it distinctly lacks feminist voices (like most newspapers, of course…)

  • Lynne C.

    Thank you for the congrats everyone! This caught me by surprise; a great surprise of course. This site is absolutely wonderful, in that it allows people to get their thoughts and opinions heard/read. So, thank you guys!