An On the Ground Perspective on Afghanistan

Check out this fascinating blog, Tang Dunand, by a female AP reporter living in Afghanistan. With all the important developments there this week–ridiculous, misogynist law, courageous protests–it’s nice to read the perspective of someone on the ground and see more varied photographs of women there in their own space. After taking a little friend to the emergency room she writes:

I worry that she lost too much blood. I worry that in a country like Afghanistan, the operation will go awry. I worry that she will not heal well in this war-torn, impoverished country and will be handicapped forever.
I only knew Basmina from our brief encounters, but today I felt so intricately linked to her. In the longed-for before, I saw a bright and happy young girl with the possibility, no matter how dim, of a decent future. Later, as I tried to keep up her spirits in the hospital, her tiny little frame on the hospital gurney, I grieved deeply. Basmina was the drop that made me overflow.
As these events tossed about my head all day, I learned that Basmina means “fragrance.” I don’t have any pictures of her. I took for granted that her freckles and smile would be there to greet me tomorrow.

Thanks to J. Courtney Sullivan for the heads up.

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