Be an American: Tea-bag the White House.

Because I, like Rachel Maddow, have the sense of humor of a 12 year old.

Thanks to Cole for the link!
Or the GOP is finally coming out of the closet? I kind of love that know one that is talking about it knows what teabagging is slang for.
More at Huffington Post.
But for the real explanation, we look to Charlotte from Sex and the City.

(h/t the Blackjew.)
Disclaimer: This is a feminist issue because I said so!

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  • M0xieHart

    I saw that last night and lost it in the middle of my yoga (I do yoga and watch Rachel, it’s a thing.) I had to sit down so I could laugh. Really, GOP, you don’t have Urban Dictionary?
    Scarily, Stormfront”>>Stormfront and the John Birch Society are also contributing to these protests. I’m disturbed by the number of people on my Friendlist on Facebook who are participating in this. I’m not sure if they just hate taxes and are ignorant or what.

  • M0xieHart

    Ugh, sorry for the messed up HTML. That link should be;

  • T-Monster

    LMAO!!! I saw this the other day and it cracked me up. I don’t know how they say “teabagging” with a straight face, because I also have the sense of humor of a 12 yr old.


    the GOP is such a JOKE.

  • Appetite for Equal Rights

    Heh heh. Miranda is by far my favorite character.

  • cand86

    That’s fantastic. The whole thing is like a great Daily Show or Onion spoof, except it’s real . . . and Rachel is adorable.
    It may mean I have the humor of a 12-year old, but I, too, love teabagging jokes. I still go around singing Wolf Hudson’s “I Wanna Teabag U” sometimes.

  • Gin

    I got nothin’ but love for Rachel, but this has really put my love-o-meter over the top.

  • mahadevine

    I am just WAITING for Jon Stewart to have a field day with this. Luckily, Rachel already had quite a good go.
    Of all the gross slang they could pick to mix up, tea bagging is definitely the best.

  • MLEmac28

    My mom e-mailed this to me with a message “you need to know what teabagging is before you watch this” (apparently she didn’t). I giggled profusely and let her know I’ve know what it was since I was 14.
    Now, I hope they are making sure that everybody who is teabagging is married, lest they go against their abstinence til marriage platform.

  • TBailey

    Oh no, didn’t you know that oral sex, and thus teabagging, doesn’t count as real sex? None of these teabaggers are violating any purity vows.
    This made me laugh for a solid hour. Thank you American conservatives for the stress relief, endorphins and exercise.

  • hoolissa

    hahaha. i love that you do yoga to rachel, that’s fantastic. i clean my room and do my nails :)

  • M0xieHart

    I don’t normally have cable. I’m visiting my parents and they do so I’m gorging on tv. I’m so glad I finally get to see her show! I also wrote in my diary and worked on an art project.
    I’m glad I’m not the only one who does her nails to tv.

  • MiriamCT

    Tea bagging…hee-hee
    But seriously folks, I’m so glad that all those protesters out there are going to fight for the right to pay more in taxes if they make less than 250K… and we really need to protect the right of rich people to pay as little in the way of taxes as possible.

  • laurajd

    I know that I might upset some people with my comments…but, since I know this is about the tea party tax protest, I am commenting on it. I, unlike a lot of people know what teabagging is…of course, I learned a lot from Sex and the City, which I love that show…
    But, on a more serious note, the tea party tax protest is not about the GOP or republicans or conservatives or whatever you call them (which by the way, I cannot stand), it is about uniting against government for creating higher taxes (I am in Chicago and sure know my share of sky high taxes)and government control. I am a libertarian, and a strong supporter of the movement. I am against high taxes, more or less, taxes in general and am against the government controlling every step we take. I am participating in the protest tomorrow because I strongly believe the government can function without taxing us to death-especially in these hard times. I have seen what the IRS and the government did to my fathers small business and it upsets me soo much that small businesses luck out of bailout money from the government, while huge corporations such as GM got money from the government. If we want to help out our country economically, then we have to step up and show what is right. Small companies are what make up a majority of the country here, not these huge multi-million dollar corporations. This amongst many reasons is why I am participating…even though I will be among conservatives…but I know that many people from all sort of political parties will be there…especially us libertarians and it saddens me that people make fun of the protest. Seriously, why would you all want to pay taxes? I sure would not want to…

  • Zardoz

    I did not like this comment.

  • notexactlybutch

    First, loved the Rachel bit. Secondly, I don’t mind to pay taxes. Aside from the ways I benefit from taxes (i.e., roads), there are many social programs that I think are important and I am glad bit of my tax dollars help pay for, say, food stamps.
    I’m not thrilled with the proportional distribution of my tax dollars–I’d put less toward bombs and more toward taking care of children, none toward abstinence-only education and more toward supporting GLBTQ youth, none toward oil company tax write-offs and more toward environmental protection, and so on. But, for me, being part of a society means contributing toward that society (through tax dollars, charitable donations, and my time).
    I don’t know much about libertarianism, and am happy to be educated. If the thought is that people will voluntarily contribute enough to have roads and healthcare and fighter planes, I disagree. If you disagree with taxes, why don’t libertarians plan their own event, instead of joining, and being over-shadowed by, conservatives?

  • Entomology Girl

    But apparently not enough to explain why.

  • Vail

    I don’t mind paying my taxes either. I know that we had Birth to 3 and Early Learning to fall back on for our daughter as we never could have payed out of pocket for a speech therapist etc. I also like having a police force and a fire department, clean water and my streets snow plowed. I know I couldn’t support my parents if they were without Medicare or Social Security. And just forget home schooling, I would go nuts.

  • M0xieHart

    But Barack Obama CUT taxes for 95% of the people. And frankly, I *like* having fresh food because there are roads to transport them on. I like having my snow plowed and police and firefighters and schools.
    All the people I know participating in this aren’t in the top 5% being taxed so I don’t get why it bothers them. They have more, they should give more.
    And it really doesn’t bother you that Stormfront and the John Birch society are participating? Really? And the people from the Bush administration that created the failed economic policies of the past 8 years. That really doesn’t bother you?

  • SociologicalMe

    I don’t want to pay *excessive* taxes. I don’t want to pay taxes and have the funds be misused. So I understand people wanting to protest for tax *reform*. But “why would you all want to pay taxes?”??? So that I can have public schools, roads, a social welfare system, public officials… generally a non-anarchy. Things that benefit everyone, y’know? (please, please tell me you knew this?)

  • M0xieHart

    I wish that my taxes were being allocated in a more efficient manner, to things that I cared about; the environment, education, and healthcare, as opposed to bombs, wars, and cuts for the richest people that need it the least.
    If anyone’s familiar with V For Vendetta, it seems like the people involved in this protest want the Land of Take-What-You-Will instead of the Land of Do-What-You-Will.

  • Mags

    laurajd, I don’t know about you, but my taxes went down this month. Sure, it wasn’t a ton of money – my paycheck only went up by about $20 – but they went down. Because Obama cut taxes. And he hasn’t raised them on anyone, nor has he said he wants to do anything other than let the temporary tax cuts Bush got passed expire on schedule for people making 250K or more.
    So what are they protesting? That their taxes went down? That at some point in the future people making a quarter of a million dollars a year will have to pay the same taxes they were paying eight years ago (that whole extra three percent on anything they make over 250K)? It’s a protest looking for a problem. The fact that they keep calling it ‘teabagging’ is really just the icing on the cake.

  • Jessica Lee

    Am I the only one who say the funny in the fact that not only were they talking about teabagging, but the guest’s last name was Cox?

  • MimiX

    I am proud to pay taxes in this country. We get all kinds of great things in exchange for our tax dollars. I am proud and happy to pay taxes even if I don’t agree with the way every single dollar is spent — because we would get literally NOTHING done if everybody in the country had to approve of every tax-funded program. Taxes, yay. Civilized society, yay. Infrastructure, yay.
    I live in a condo, and I pay condo fees/HOA dues. If I didn’t, the building would get dirty and fall apart and we couldn’t afford snacks at our condo meetings. Same thing as state and federal taxes, in my mind. Yay condo fees.
    Also, yay Rachel Maddow.

  • hindeviola

    “why would you all want to pay taxes?”
    It’s not exactly an issue of wanting to, rather than recognizing that in a participatory democracy with considerable social services, the only way to keep those services operational and desirable IS taxes. education? health care? safe roads? national parks? I’ll gladly pay my taxes, thanks.

  • darby

    I don’t mind paying taxes — I mind paying excessive taxes and/or taxes that actually go in our lawmakers’ pockets.
    On another note, the people who are participating in the tea parties do not call it “teabagging.” That is simply what Maddow and other critics are calling it. These people are not strictly Republicans but they are against the stimulus package because of the excessive spending.

  • medea

    I’m Canadian, so I’m assuming I pay more in the way of taxes than you do. And I actually wish that my government hadn’t cut the fucking taxes, because when it comes down to it, I’d rather have a social network to catch me if I …say… lose my job or my health than get 1% back off of sales stuff. The tax cut we got only helped people who are buying/making big money. That’s not the majority. It certainly does fuck all for me – I’m living under the poverty line.
    Libertarianism really only works if you’re rich – most people are not in a position where they simply can pick themselves up by their bootstraps and make money to buy what they need.

  • darby

    Just to clarify, a lot of people are worried that the spending from the stimulus will increase taxes across the board. At this point, I don’t know what to think. I just hope Obama and Congress know what they’re doing. I mean, I want my taxes to go to things like infrastructure and education. But big bailouts — hell no!

  • SaraLaffs

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but personally I mock the “tea parties” because many of the conservatives pushing them seem to have miraculously discovered federal spending sometime since Jan. 20, 2009. Before that, they were totally fine with signing blank checks for two wars and (lest we forget) a $700 bailout *proposed by President Bush* with almost no provisions for oversight, all while slashing the tax rate for the wealthiest 5% of Americans. All President Obama’s budget does is allow the Bush tax cuts to expire at the time they were due to die a natural death anyway (a year from now), restoring the tax rate for income over $250k to what it was under Clinton – which happens to be about 10 percentage points *below” what it was under Saint Ronnie. In my humble opinion, they’re full of shit.

  • M0xieHart

    Where was the conservative outrage when W. spent the surplus that we had under the Clinton years?

  • Jennie

    I’ll admit it, I snickered at the name…. hey, my mind was already in the gutter from all the teabagging talk!

  • Jennie

    I saw an article about these teabagging “tea parties” in my university newspaper today. It was some bullshit article (not surprising) about how the time for political dissent has come and it’s “not about increased taxes or personal disdain for the political party or platform of a single politician. Instead, it is about the preservation of the rights of every man to be free.” All of this was under the heading “‘Tea Party’ To Protest Obama Administration’s Policies.” Not about disdain for a specific politician, my ass! They just got the last remnants of the McCain/Palin stickers off of their truck bumpers. I hate going to such a conservative school.
    Well, my right-wing fellow students and red-state city can teabag tomorrow without me, thank you very much.

  • WIDave

    Mags, your taxes did not go down this month. That extra $20 in your paycheck? That is coming out of your tax refund at the end of the year. Ask a tax professional if you would like confirmation.
    I was laughing at the beginning of the news segment. But, halfway through the segment I was unable to believe that there was a news professional anywhere on that set. Not an image of a serious news source.
    Here is a quote from “The Tea Party effort is a grassroots, collaborative volunteer organization made up of every day American citizens from across the country. We take pride in the fact that we’ve built a 50 state network of leaders and activists using nothing more than the internet, a few websites and a burning desire to restore freedom.”
    I think I just did more investigative journalism than Maddow did in her entire segment.

  • ccotting

    That’s the program I work for as a case manager — in our state we call it “Early Steps.” It’s a state program (each state has a version because it’s federally mandated) that provides free therapy for children with developmental delays from birth to three years old. After three, there are other programs (here, the programs are run by the school board). I can’t tell you the impact of programs like this. It’s enormous. And yet, it’s one of the first programs to be cut in a budget cut. Kids who recieve early intervention are more likely to not need assistance later — so why would the state not invest in these children when they are young? It’s cost-effective and gives children and families more benefits, which is a state benefit in the long-run.
    I make $25K a year. I get about $825 per paycheck each two weeks, $25 goes toward insurance. You do the math. I pay a couple hundred in taxes a month, and my income is not anything amazing. But I also recieved a wonderful free public education. I drive to work on public roads. I enjoy the parks and arts that the city, state, and feds fund. Most of the families I assist are on Medicaid or involved in programs aimed to assist children with disabilities or developmental delays. If I had a child born with Down’s or who was in a car crash and became paralyzed, I would need the assistance of the state to navigate the huge medical and theraputic costs and overwhelming lack of knowledge and support necessary to support my child. My girlfriend went to a public college and paid a fraction of what I paid for private college and recieved a great education. I use the health center here for free birth control.
    Sure, I don’t agree with many of the decisions Jindal has made to use my taxes. I don’t agree with some of Obama’s decisions, either, nor Bush’s. But I also partake in many social and public services that would not exist if everyone didn’t chip to create this funding. So while I do lament the $300+ dollars each month I hand over to the government that I could pay bills with or play with, I also realize that I want a legal system. I want regulations on some activities, like pollution. I want recycling and trash, publicly maintained water supplies, education, publicly funded hospitals and clinics and schools, etc.
    And for whomever said the Tax Day Tea protesters aren’t using “teabag” — check facebook. Groups like “Teabag Obama” were definitely created by protesters. FOX and other supportive media were using the term before people like Maddow and bloggers started poking fun at the double entendre.

  • Mags

    Looks to me like it’s a new tax credit for the 2009/2010 tax years: from the irs:
    In 2009 and 2010, the Making Work Pay provision of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will provide a refundable tax credit of up to $400 for working individuals and up to $800 for married taxpayers filing joint returns.
    In other words, while I certainly would get an extra $400 refund at the end of the year if I didn’t have reduced withholding, it’s not a “rebate” bait-and-switch like Bush liked to do – it’s an actual cut in this year’s and next year’s taxes, in that I will owe $400 less than I otherwise would.

  • MLEmac28

    Well, there was a protest sign showed in the clip that said “let’s teabag them before they teabag us”
    So somebody in the movement did make that connection first.

  • taalibba

    To paraphrase…They keep using that word, I don’t think it means what they think it means.
    I only know what teabagging is because of Sex and the City so thanks for posting it too. Also I believe I first heard teabagging used in a sexual context from John Stewart (in America: The Book)so I’m suprprised he hasn’t ruthlessly mocked the tea parties yet. (or did I miss it?) Maybe tonight though,on the eve of all the public teabagging.
    This is all so much fun. And thank you anna marie for the mental image that accompanied “Well who wouldn’t want to teabag John McCain?” Ew.
    And I personally think claiming that you want to tea bag the President crosses a line.

  • era4allNOW

    Mags, thank you as I was going to say something similar. I also wanted to add, WIDave, that people have found Fox News at the core of some of these so-called ‘grassroots’ websites popping up about the tax day tea party. Oops! Guess your ‘journalism’ isn’t so accurate after all! Talk about ‘news professionals’ – can’t find them at Fox!
    Here’s an awesome video composite by air america of Faux News and S&TC!

  • Vail

    Thank you for doing this work, I know that Birth to 3 saved us as we were floundering trying to figure out how to help our daughter. They were wonderful people and I will praise them to the sky every chance I get.

  • bdbuck

    moment of the day: informing my conservative dad what ‘teabagging’ is while he was on his way to a ‘teabagging’ party.

  • visibility

    i would like to announce, that if there were no federal, state, and local taxes:
    1. i would have never had any secondary education (parents can’t afford private school)
    2. i could not have gone to the best college that i got into (federal student loans paid my way)
    3. could never have afforded ANY medical school (state or private) and therefore would never have become a physician
    4. would still be stuck in the snow somewhere on a lonely highway in upstate new york
    5. would have read half as many books growing up (my mom used to take me to the library every week)
    6. would not get paid at all currently (being that I am a resident physician and my salary is supported entirely by medicare)
    ….and so much more.
    my life is enriched because i have always been part of a community that gives back. and now that i’m earning, it’s my turn to give back.
    as citizens we have a responsibility to make sure our taxes are used responsibly – and we do this by pestering our governments and voting the right people into office.
    no system is ever perfect. taxation is not perfect. but it is needed to ensure the availability of the necessities of a community. i shudder to think about what my life would have been like without taxes. and i’m upper middle class!!

  • turninnburnin3

    Actually Jon did do a bit about it, it was about a month ago actually on St. Patricks day. Here is the link:

  • Seal123

    OMG I’m in Chicago! The taxes here suck ass! Great comment BTW

  • SpeakingMyMind

    Our (predominantly) two-party political system has done more to polarize our country than anyone or anything else in history. I was less than happy with just about everything the Bush administration did. But now I find myself disappointed in the Obama administration. I should have known better than to get my hopes up! I really do not see our country successfully emerging from the 21st century while two extreme political parties play tug-of-war, while we, the people, just get whipped back and forth between the two.
    Moderation is the answer, but unfortunately, we seem to be having way too much fun ripping at each other (esp. on blogs) than to seriously strive to find balance, and a common ground.
    While I have not been all that successful with a moderate approach to food, in other areas of my life, I have been able to reconcile and live with “extreme” views. For example, as a scientist, I have no doubt that life begins at conception. BUT, as a feminist, I respect and defend EVERY woman’s right to an abortion. I have limits–partial-birth abortions for no medical reason are OVER THE TOP. I believe in taxes–they are necessary, and paying them really is the patriotic thing to do. However, using taxes to pay for wasteful, purely political projects is OVER THE TOP. I believe nationalized healthcare would be a disaster (I have experience with medical care in London, not that I mean to disparage the UK!), but I DO believe that our country MUST have a system of healthcare to provide for those who cannot afford it.
    Call me pollyanna, but I think all this “socialist” and “fascist” name calling is just doing nothing but harm, and depriving us of opporunities to actually CHANGE our country for the better. Anti-tax rants, and applying a sexual connotation to the tea parties is just a complete waste of time, and forces everyone to their respective corners (with gloves on!).
    Unfortunately, most “feminist” organizations seem too eager to promote an extreme brand of politics, than to promote feminism, so I’d say everyone’s comments here, including mine, are a waste of time.

  • CleanNeedlesSaveLives

    Right on! I don’t know why people can’t understand the whole “1oz of prevention” thing. I work for a harm reduction program that works to prevent overdose among people who use injection drugs, as well as prevent the transmission of HIV and hepatitis C. Because people are living (relatively) longer, the average lifetime cost of treatment for someone with HIV is over $600,000 – and that’s if they never reach an AIDS diagnosis. One clean syringe is 7 cents. Plus, naloxone (an opiate antagonist that reverses overdose) only costs a dollar. $1 = 1 human life saved. Granted, I’m only a social worker and not a mathemagician…

  • CleanNeedlesSaveLives

    Thank you for providing health care for people with Medicare. So many physicians won’t (or will only see the minimum).

  • Tracker

    That’s utter friggin’ BS. Sorry, but it is.
    The government has to have taxes to function. How do you expect them to do stuff without money? Huh? That’s friggin’ brilliant. I don’t think I’ve heard a more brilliant idea, ever. They can function without money?! Oh, yeah, that’s genius, that is.
    Let me tell you something. My job is funded by tax payer dollars. I work on a research project at a university. Lots of jobs are funded by the government. So maybe perhaps before you go off half-cocked (no pun intended incredibly enough) you should use your brain, I’m sure you have one, to think things through a little bit harder. If the government cuts spending, a bunch of us are out of a job.
    And this whole anti-tax/anti-government thing, it’s really beginning to burn my biscuits. I don’t think half the people at these protests could even tell me what the Boston Tea Party was, beyond the fact that some people threw tea in Boston Harbor. They haven’t got a clue, not one iota of an idea about why they did it.
    It’s not Boston where you should be looking for the root of this anti-tax/anti-government sentiment. It’s in the deep antebellum south. The slave holders are the ones who started this crap. It’s the cause behind the civil war, but everyone white washes it and over simplifies it into a fight over slavery, when that was a sub-cause. The slave holders didn’t want the government telling them they couldn’t own another human being. They didn’t want the government taxing them and providing a public education to their slaves, because that might mean the slaves might get it in their head that they ought to be free.
    These people are crazy. They’re calling for revolution or civil war, and some of the things they’re saying are bordering on treasonous. I don’t think they have any idea what they’re getting themselves into, or who is pulling the strings behind the curtain. These people certainly aren’t making a ton of money, they’re working for slave wages so some CEO billionaire can rake in another million, and again, they haven’t got a clue. They’re pawns, and that’s all. How does it feel to be used?
    If we don’t like the way the government is spending our money, we should notify our state representatives. (Yes, you are represented, whether you voted for them or not.) Not make hollow gestures and wasting tea by dumping it into bays and rivers.
    “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes…”

  • Tracker

    Fox News was calling on them to “tea bag the white house” in those exact words. So yes, they were calling it teabagging before Rachel and the rest of them.

  • Tracker

    BTW, *where* were these people when G.W. Bush was throwing money down the hole in Iraq? They mocked the liberals for protesting the war. Now they wonder why we mock their teabagging. Wasting money and lives in Iraq must have been okay because it was a bunch of brown people who weren’t even Christian, so who cares? But you can’t buy another Hummer, OMG, we need to pay less taxes!
    These (probably mostly) lovely Christians can protest money with no problem when they perceive that they might have to pay for their part in society. They want something for nothing. But protesting loss of life? They obviously don’t give a damn about that. Nothing but a bunch of bloody hypocrites.
    To Republicans: “I think you might be confusing tyranny… with losing”–Jon Stewart