Questionable Content: Feminist sex shop in cartoon

Cartoon from Questionable Content
This cartoon from Questionable Content, sent to us by a reader who loves our feminist sex shop reviews. I think I’ve lived the above scenario at least twenty times by now. I am such an advocate of sex shops, particularly feminist ones. I’m also a huge advocate of taking my friends to buy toys. One year I bought a vibrator for everyone as a birthday present (well minus family members).
The whole strip is here.
Thanks to Catherine for the link!

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  • GoddessofAwesome

    Like I said, different strokes for different folks. There are so so many reasons that I use toys instead of my hands, some of which I’m not entirely comfortable posting on the internet.
    I’d like to note that in my original post I was doing an analysis of the character Faye in the strip. If you read it, she’s pretty okay with talking about “‘batin” (lol I’ll have to remember that one.) But she is also uncomfortable talking about herself as a sexual being sometimes (ex: not okay wearing short shorts, general low body esteem).
    Like I said, COMPLEX characters.
    I also like that Dora was interested in buying her own toy even though she and Martin have an active sex life. Just because you’re in a steady relationship doesn’t mean you can’t have solo funtimes!

  • AVies

    Bad sex scenes in slashfic. There you go. =P


    So, if it’s OK for women to use vibrators, why is it bad for men to use porn?

  • Kuragari

    I don’t think it’s necessarily “bad for men to use porn” though I think the wording is rather awkward. I think in general the porn industry which is geared mainly towards men is so unrealistic and vastly exploitative of women that all porn gets a bad name. Unfortunately “Porn is BAD” because many men aren’t interested in women other than sex objects. Society in general is royally fucked in this sense from all angles.
    Many societies, especially christian based ones want you to think “Men want sex, men are seen as wanting nothing but sex, women are pure and don’t want sex”. It’s all silly bullshit because trying to define people by their gender is just fried horseshit people are going to feed you.
    I know plenty of women who are incredibly horny, some who like porn, some who use vibrators and some who prefer manual manipulation. I also know women who are “asexual” or don’t like sex at all. It’s all based on and individual’s preference and it’s the lack of understanding of this fact that makes sex such a screwed up subject.
    There are both men and women who need to find sexual release. The whole imperative to breed in a world that’s no longer so accommodating for such a compelling force can be downright maddening. I mean according to Christianity you should have the mental fortitude to resist the urges to relieve yourself of these needs until you’re married but it doesn’t seem quite realistic.
    Another issue is that a woman’s sexuality isn’t quite as visually based. Men love to stare at a woman’s body. I know I do, even though I feel guilty when I catch myself checking a girl out. I have a particular criteria for what I like in a woman so it doesn’t happen as often. But men are going to be interested in porn far more often than women just because of simple mechanics.
    So is it bad that men like porn? No I don’t think so. But is the porn industry crap for giving men a bad name by turning women into sex objects? Yes. Men fail to see the fact that people are people and have feelings and the girls in porn aren’t real. Most porn ends with a guy splooging on a girl’s face which is ridiculous, how many girls want that? I know of maybe 1 or 2 who like that sort of thing. In contract it’s almost every mainstream video where a girl’s face gets slimed. It’s unrealistic and I can see where guys get idiotic ideas about women and sex. Real sex doesn’t involve ridiculous crap like women wearing high heels to bed, 3 somes and all the other freaky crap that goes on.
    So while men might not need a physical object to alleviate sexual frustration, they need proper inspiration. Women on the other hand need less inspiration and more stimulation? I can’t give a definite answer to the latter since I’m a guy but that’s the best logical conclusion I can reach.
    Basically the whole dynamic of sex is one big giant mess and asking “why is one thing okay and one thing isn’t” is just a complicated mess and weeding through it all to the truth has taken me a good amount of thought right now to come up with a few reasons. I’m sure my opinions aren’t going to be favored by many, but to me that’s just my take on things. Men and women will continue to disagree in the sex and relationship departments because finding happiness and balance just isn’t easy.