Monday Monty Blogging (jumping edition)

We clearly had a fun weekend. How about you?

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  • hoolissa

    muahahahaha. that was hilarious. so cute. um, this weekend i sat around and played with my new computer and failed to do any homework (i watched saving face for the millionth time instead).

  • Allytude

    He sure can jump!

  • LukeCanJuggle

    That is so awesome, I love those flips!
    Echo and I took our first trip to the beach this weekend. She’s still not sure about the whole “body-of-water-larger-than-me thing.”

  • jstein

    I had a pretty crazy weekend doing the whole photo journalism thing. Got a few good pictures of Mickey Rourke’s profile. It was a good weekend.

  • Jennie

    Awesome! Monty’s adorable.
    I spent the weekend doing agility with my dog, Zydeco. She jumps like a bouncy ball, too. I think she and Monty are part kangaroo.

  • Dandi

    Oh gosh, I LOVE Monty Mondays! He’s a very agile little guy!
    He’s an Australian Shepherd, isn’t he? I have an Aussie, too. :) Love them.

  • tsokol

    I love Monty Monday’s. A break from all the sad, bad, nasty news out there.
    It’s a little mental health moment.
    Even our cats love Monty — please keep ‘em coming

  • Mollie

    Oh was not expecting that! haha. Very nice.
    Weekend? Spent time with my friends before they went back to college. Now it’s almost Tuesday and I”m all alone =(