Weekly Feminist Reader

Just the headlines today, folks…
The Curvature: Actual Rape Victim Jailed for “False Report”
FiveThirtyEight: Will Iowans Uphold Gay Marriage?
Feministe: Unions, Women and Fair Labor Practices: Why the Employee Free Choice Act is a Feminist Issue
Muslimah Media Watch: Hard Times in Gaza: the BBC looks at Domestic Violence in Gaza Strip
Jump Off The Bridge: I Hear It’s Immigration Awareness Month… (on the Binghamton shooting)
McSweeney’s: The Sexually Fluid Person’s Guide to a Seamlessly Uneventful Coming Out.
Huffington Post: Israel: Women Photoshopped From Cabinet Picture To Cater To The Ultra-Orthodox (and a related post over at Sociological Images)
Pandagon: How anti-vaccination hysteria is about sex, accidentally helping Big Pharma—anything but science
The Guardian: Outcry in Pakistan after video of a 17-year-old girl’s flogging by the Taliban is shown on TV
NPR:Women Pay The Price For Health Insurance
DREAM Activist: If you are gay and undocumented, you are NOT alone.
Democracy Now: A 21st Century Hooverville: Seattle’s Homeless Population Builds “Nickelsville,” a Tent City Named After the City’s Mayor (Related: New America Media: Tarp Nation)
What About Our Daughters: CNN Covers Slaughter of Chiquita Tate:Black Woman Lawyer Stabbed 38 Times-Husband Suspect
Feminocracy: Goddamn R****ts! Excuse my French (on iTunes censoring the word “rapist”)
And Lauren’s got more links…
What have you all been reading/writing this week?

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