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Just the headlines today, folks…
The Curvature: Actual Rape Victim Jailed for “False Report”
FiveThirtyEight: Will Iowans Uphold Gay Marriage?
Feministe: Unions, Women and Fair Labor Practices: Why the Employee Free Choice Act is a Feminist Issue
Muslimah Media Watch: Hard Times in Gaza: the BBC looks at Domestic Violence in Gaza Strip
Jump Off The Bridge: I Hear It’s Immigration Awareness Month… (on the Binghamton shooting)
McSweeney’s: The Sexually Fluid Person’s Guide to a Seamlessly Uneventful Coming Out.
Huffington Post: Israel: Women Photoshopped From Cabinet Picture To Cater To The Ultra-Orthodox (and a related post over at Sociological Images)
Pandagon: How anti-vaccination hysteria is about sex, accidentally helping Big Pharma—anything but science
The Guardian: Outcry in Pakistan after video of a 17-year-old girl’s flogging by the Taliban is shown on TV
NPR:Women Pay The Price For Health Insurance
DREAM Activist: If you are gay and undocumented, you are NOT alone.
Democracy Now: A 21st Century Hooverville: Seattle’s Homeless Population Builds “Nickelsville,” a Tent City Named After the City’s Mayor (Related: New America Media: Tarp Nation)
What About Our Daughters: CNN Covers Slaughter of Chiquita Tate:Black Woman Lawyer Stabbed 38 Times-Husband Suspect
Feminocracy: Goddamn R****ts! Excuse my French (on iTunes censoring the word “rapist”)
And Lauren’s got more links…
What have you all been reading/writing this week?

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  • Anne Marie

    At my university:
    The abrupt decision to cancel the showing of Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge was made by UM President C.D. Mote Jr., according to university system lobbyist P.J. Hogan. As a debate on the sexually explicit film broke out this morning in the Maryland Senate, a behind-the-scenes negotiation took place between university and legislative officials. The film was to be shown at the student union and had been approved by a student programming committee.
    On the Senate floor, Sen. Andrew P. Harris, a Republican from Baltimore and Harford counties, suggested amending the state’s annual budget to deny any funding to a higher education institution that allows a public screening of a film marketed as a XXX-rated adult film, unless it is part of an official academic course.
    Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller indicated he would vote for the budget amendment, giving substantial backing to the threat of denying the university tens of millions of dollars in state funding.
    From another article, “Said the state Senator, Andrew Harris [M.D.], ‘Occasional viewing of porn is more dangerous than occasionally lighting up a cigarette.'”
    I’m worried about the precedent set by threatening to withdraw funding whenever something a senator doesn’t like shows up on campus.

  • Devonian

    The phrase “in Western countries” really needs to be tacked on there, since otherwise it ignores countries where the people with power aren’t white (like China and Japan)…

  • Lumix

    Exactly. White people certainly still have disproportionate power in society compared to POC but that in no way means that an individual POC is powerless to act on any racist notions they may have.
    And I completely disagree with the idea that women are incapable of being sexist. Of course they are and I’ve been guilty of sexist beliefs and actions in the past (against men and women and, probably when I was much younger, against trans or intersex people). I take great pains to examine my thoughts these days to make sure I’m not contributing to sexism. I do the same thing when it comes to racist ideas.
    I may not be a racist or a sexist person but I’m still subject to the conditioning of society. I make a sincere effort to make myself aware of my subconscious prejudices and to work on correcting them.
    Anyways, my point is that people can have all kinds of prejudices that they’re not even aware of and can ACT on those prejudices without even realizing. And to presume that someone doesn’t have any power in society because of their race is just absurd and backwards and insulting.

  • rustyspoons

    They can jail women for simply REPORTING a rape now, just because the cops decide to pretend she’s lying? Urge to kill rising…