“Women’s Health” Care Debacle proven through anecdotal evidence

I’m part of that marvelous special interest group that McCain pointed out as not really important because we require “airquotes.” The group that requires “Women’s Health.”

I need my annual exam.  Previous years I’ve gone to a Family Practitioner whose practice had a slightly subtle anti-choice bent.  The first time I didn’t catch it, but the second time I went, there were signs all around about how the clinic respects “the sanctity of life.” It left a bad choice in my mouth so I got my exam, paid my $50 copay and left.

This year I looked for someone else. The Walgreen’s next to my house has a walk in Clinic.  Walgreen’s is the only place in the area I’ve been able to get PlanB, so I felt comfortable going there.  Easy peasy, right? I go to find that the clinic, while it states that it offers a woman’s physical and their website says it takes my insurance, does not write prescriptions for birth control. The Family Nurse Practicioner there helps me by calling around to previous places she’s worked at including the Repro Health Clinic that is right next to my boyfriend’s where anti-choice posterholders are gathered every morning.  We find that they don’t take my insurance.

I get into my car and call a few other places that she recommended to find that to use my University provided insurance this year, I need a referral from … someone.  No one knows who.  I call my insurance company and they also tell me I need to get a referral from someone, but they aren’t sure who.  I go home and go online to call the University’s Health Services. The first number I call, marked “Family Planning” on their site is for the county’s FP office, but they tell me I need to call the appointment line for the UHS. So I do. I can get an appointment / referral through them, but only after I pay $82 (+lab ::eyeroll::) because they consider me “part time” even though the rest of the University considers me full time. And I need to wait more than two weeks to get the appointment.

So I call the Repro Health Clinic again. I can get in on Monday. It’s about $90 for everything. And I know I can get parking. The woman on the phone reminds me of their location, I mention that I see the poster holders there every morning. She says they’re their best advertisement. We giggle.

I think that we have an issue when I get better, faster treatment at similar prices when I DON’T use my insurance.

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