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Understanding the Dialogue around Lovelle Mixon: Part 2

TweetLast Tuesday’s post on the man in Oakland that killed 4 police officers yielded heated responses and I wanted to follow up after everyone (especially me) had some time to mull things over. I want to draw from some of the themes that came up and to update the news that broke last Tuesday night [...]
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Are you an apple or a pear?

Tweet Hortense from Jezebel has a hilarious post about one of my pet peeves-magazines that try and help you “dress for your shape.” I am so sick of being inundated with magazines that are supposed to help me look thinner or dress better, because you know, fat girls can’t wear sexy clothes, we must hide [...]
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How the economy is hurting mothers

TweetFrom The New York Times: Here’s a pop quiz: Which of the following would violate federal employment law? 1. Laying off a pregnant woman. 2. Laying off a woman on maternity leave. Pencils down. The answer is “neither.” So long as employers can make the case that the firing has nothing to do with pregnancy [...]
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Nellie McKay Dance Break

TweetI needed a mid-afternoon pick me up! Tweet
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An article on your “down there”

Tweet Gawd I love The Onion. Thanks to Rachel for the link! Tweet
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