KLo: Victim-blaming is feminists’ fault

For serious. I know I’m late on this one, but I just had to write something. (And no, it’s not because the article is from the same woman who called me a “bridezilla” for daring to question wedding culture.)
Behold the wisdom of Kathryn Lopez:

According to an article in the Boston Globe, an informal poll taken among 200 teenagers has revealed that almost half of them blame the pop star Rihanna for her recent beating, allegedly by her boyfriend, Chris Brown.
It’s just one survey. But it’s very bad news. And feminists are to blame.
…What has happened — and what Rihanna and Chris have to do with Gloria [Steinem] and us — is that by inventing oppression where there is none and remaking woman in man’s image, as the sexual and feminist revolutions have done, we’ve confused everyone. The reaction those kids had was unnatural. It’s natural for us to expect men to protect women, and for women to expect some level of physical protection. But in post-modern America, those natural gender roles have been beaten by academics and political rhetoric and the occasional modern woman being offended by having a door opened for her. The result is confusion.

Right, we’re just confused by all that equality – it’s clouding our ladybrains! Plus, everyone knows that women were never ever blamed for the violence done to them before feminists came around. Sigh.

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