Vagina Volkswagon Beetle

A woman in Los Angelos took a picture of her vagina and painted it on the hood of her Volkswagon Beetle. Apparently, it caused a series of car accidents, and the woman was arrested and told to paint over it. Comments?

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  • abileen

    As much as I love the brevity of this post, do you have a link to an original story?

  • Punchbuggy Green

    That’s bizarre.
    I’m not sad they made her paint over it.
    I also appreciate the states that have outlawed truck balls.
    Vehicle + genitalia = NO!

  • MissKittyFantastico

    Wow, that’s a much more realistic painting than I thought it would be. Definitely would be a distraction on the road.

  • StephenMoore

    @VegFem: Are you posing a hypothetical for discussion, or is this a recent (or old?) true story?
    @Punchbuggy Green: That photo’s been around for years.

  • jjgirl23

    Mmm, painting porn on your car, classy.

  • Velvet Acid Christ

    Sorry ladies, that’s disgusting. In fact, its pornographic. I’d like to know what she was thinking when driving pass a school bus.

  • StephenMoore

    I’m calling urban legend on this one.
    A little sluething reveals that the name of the woman who owned the vehicle is “Nelly Node”. The only place this name comes up in internet searches is in blogs and other websites recounting the story that appears in the OP.
    The photo provided by Punchbuggy Green is of the VW Beetle that is associated with the story.
    Do a google news search for “Nelly Node” and there’ll be zero matches.
    I find the assertion that this is porn unconvincing, and the assertion that it is disgusting disturbing. A photograph (or any depiction) of a vagina is not eo ipso pornography. The fuller story that goes with the photo is that it was conceived as a peice of art by Nelly (and is a photograph of her own genitalia). Just as calling something pornography does not make it pornography, calling something art does not make it art. Context and purpose are important. And, indeed, sometimes art can be porn and porn can be art.
    Suppossing though that the story were true, is it art? I don’t know. Without any context it’s difficult for me to judge. But within this hypothetical I can see it as a very strong and powerful political and feminist statement, that statement being, “I will not be ashamed of my vagina.” By unashamedly presenting her genitals on the front of her vehicle Nelly is essentially proclaiming a great big public “Fuck You!” to the patriarchy.

  • Eresbel

    I laughed and laughed and laughed.
    I also second Stephen’s comment about vaginas not automatically equating porn. And anyone who thinks vaginas aren’t classy or are disgusting is clearly not a feminist. Genitalia are a lot cleaner than mouths, but would people be as upset if she’d painted a pair of lips and a tongue on her car? Probably not.

  • Velvet Acid Christ

    Whats your thought about me drawing a penis on my car?

  • FrumiousB

    That is a picture of a vulva, from the front. It is not a picture of a vagina. The vagina is internal and could not possibly be visible from that angle.

  • LoveKrystal

    hahahahaha… (and continual chuckling)
    i dont know about the actual photo being what youre refering to .. but this is the funniest think i’ve ever heard..
    i mean thats pretty “balls out” for lack of a better term .. (coochie out?!)
    well.. i mean. good for her if she likes her poon that much?
    I’ve never been tempted to put my cooter on any portable surface.. haha. i dont know about being arrested for it.. or being TOLD to paint over it.. although you have to inform the dmv when you repaint your car right? so did she have to call the dmv to say.. hey guys i painted my cooch on my car? haha

  • Cory

    I approve of this automobile.

  • fingercrust

    Personally, I encourage you to draw/paint a penis on your car.

  • StephenMoore

    I have no objection or reservation to the thought of you drawing a penis on your car.

  • StephenMoore

    True. But vagina does have a common usage referring to the whole of the female genitalia, just as penis refers to a specific part of the male genitalia but also has a common usage referring to the whole. For example, I automatically thought of the inclusion of the scrotum in Velvet Acid Christ’s question about drawing a penis on her or his car.

  • bedroom furniture

    I do understand why everyone likes this commercial, but the first time I saw it I immediately had the reaction of questioning if it’s really a good thing to encourage little girls (and now there is one with a little boy) to take pictures and send them to people over the internet? I mean, I understand the bedroom furniture pictures are of a fish or something, but I still don’t think it’s necessarily a good thing to enable such young children to do things they might not be able to understand the consequences of.