Friday funny: Pope condoms

Ok, so I know the Vatican’s actual policies on contraception and safe sex are far from hilarious, but I had a good laugh at this today:

Thanks for the link, Phoebe.

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  • Ayla

    Bwa ha ha ha. The best part is, if you’re careful not to tear him when you open it you can prop him up on the bedside table and make him watch you put it on.

  • naters

    Ok this just plain rules! Happy Friday indeed :-)
    Would it be wrong to give this to some of my Catholic friends, to go along with their chastity cards? (yeah, they are actual cards)

  • katemoore

    If the abstinence-only folks got hold of these, maybe their programs would work!

  • ArtByMoretti

    I’ve found it’s times like these I wish for a moment that I were straight and had a purpose for using condoms (other than making ballon animals). Okay, okay I’m kidding … sort of. ;-)

  • Chickensh*tEagle

    They’re hole-y condoms, right? ;-)

  • G Felis

    I found this also to be very, very funny – in The Onion’s usual rather dark way:

  • JudoJohn

    hahahaha nice!
    If you don’t play the game, you don’t make the rules!
    I’m just glad his face isn’t printed in on the tip……..

  • Dena

    That would definitely be the creepiest thing ever. To have the Pope’s face on the tip of a condom whilst having sex. *shudders*

  • JudoJohn

    I just wonder if, right at the *climax*, one would cry “sieg heil!” and throw up the salute……
    oh man, that was bad, did I say that out loud?

  • Chickensh*tEagle

    Very good. Too bad Tommy’s in L.A. did it first, decades ago.

  • danielle

    ok, I can only see half of each comment b/c the ads are overlapping waaaayyyy too far…but what the hell does a chastity card consist of??

  • aftercancer

    Can we buy them and have them distributed at Planned Parenthood? The local HIV doctors? Please!

  • Omniel

    Is there any chance we can get him to bless these as well? Sorry I couldn’t resist. >.

  • Mikaela

    hahahaha thats great! I’m hearing it said like the one line in “Wet Hot American Summer”. Any one else?

  • LalaReina

    I’m catholic and while I believe in birth control I find it as lame as the chicken fast food place naming a brand after Obama.

  • juliestevenson23

    Hahaha, omgosh Ayla, that was hilarious!
    On a side note, I’m sorry to anyone that I offend, but you have to understand, I’m in no way religious in any nature, just in the fact that I believe in god. :)
    – Julie, Credit Reports (Financial Consultant)

  • LalaReina

    On second thought it is kind of funny, I feel persecuted as a catholic on here sometimes :)

  • Liza

    Well that wouldn’t be very effective. lol

  • naters

    They are basically these laminated cards reminding them of their promise to save themselves for God and marriage. The people I know all had them given to them by the nuns at their church and they have definitely told me sometimes they put it on the bed between them and their partner when things are getting too “intense”.
    I am not gonna lie, I thought they were joking at first and started giggling. Suuuuper awkward when I discovered they were serious.

  • M0xieHart

    All I can think of is the episode of The Simpsons that’s like a Behind the Music special where you find out that Marge marketed a line of diaphragms with her disapproving face on them.

  • Chip Bell

    Oh my no god! that is too funny ha ha ha!