WANT: Self-Rescuing Princess Shirt

Not just want. Need.
Via Shakesville.

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  • laughingrat

    It’s cute! I wish they had it in bigger sizes.

  • Ariel

    I want it too!

  • llevinso


  • MLEmac28

    this reminds me of Ani DiFranco’s “Not a Pretty Girl”

  • aleks

    I thought of Ani too. And I have enough shirts, what I need is a SRP.

  • roz_morgan

    I want so much!

  • mehitabel

    Actually, not being a member of European royalty, I prefer not to be designated a “princess” at all. In modern parlance, “princess” implies a lot of superficial, stereotypically “girly-feminine” traits that I’d rather not be associated with. Why must we be princesses in order to be valued?
    At least it’s not pink.

  • AndyLC
  • Zoe Nicholson

    This is the antidote to the cover of Ms Magazine with Obama in a superman shirt.

  • FrumiousB

    My buzz is slightly harshed by the presence of this shirt:

  • Lilith Luffles

    I was thinking a similar thing. I get where the shirt is coming from, but really, I don’t want to be a princess. I want to be a queen. : )
    Not to mention other questionable clothing items from that site. Like the panties that mention accessibility to well, what they are covering. Might not be as bad if they had boxers like that, too, but I have yet to find any.
    A big part of me still wants the shirt, though.

  • LoLoChan

    Ooh! Do Want!
    Also wanted is a shirt that says “I rescued the Prince” for girls.
    Because forget even getting yourself into rescuing situations– I want an adventure where I save someone! That’s my kind of fairytale.

  • Liza

    Not too problematic. It fits in with the plotlines of many video games. And it’s a Heroes reference.
    I’ve seen worse.

  • Liza

    That cover doesn’t need an antidote.

  • Sigmund

    Thanks for sharing this link! It looks like they have some pretty cool shirts, though I haven’t looked through them all yet.

  • Nation Health

    It agree with the majority. It is better to be the parlourmaid, but not in such vest…