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After the Presidential News Conference last night, I, like many subscribers to Barack Obama’s Twitter feed, myspace status, and other social networks, was invited by The Prez himself to offer questions for him to answer at a later date .

See, you post a question, and the other users vote on your question.  I’m assuming that the questions with the most votes will have a greater likelyhood of being answered.

So I posted one. I drew from Shark-Fu’s earlier article where she quotes Alice Waters: "We make decisions everyday about what we’re going to eat," … "And some people want to buy Nike shoes – two pairs, and other people want to eat Bronx grapes, and nourish themselves. I pay a little extra, but this is what I want to do."

Then, Shark-Fu continues "I wish my diet was only limited by the decision of whether to purchase new shoes or to nourish myself with Bronx grapes.

The reality is that my diet has more to do with to eat or not to eat than to shop or to nourish and I know I’m not alone."

I also wonder about how to increase access to better food choices.  So I asked, in the few characters allowed:"Recently Alice Walters, the "Mother of Slow Food" claimed that people can choose to purchase a new pair of Nikes or organic food. How will you and the First Lady support community gardens and other movents that bring organic and local to the people?"

After re-reading it 18 times I realize how I could have been more eloquent. Something I need to learn in this twitter-memed world, I guess.

I encourage all of you to:

1)Post your question.

2) In the comments to this post, tell us how to find your question so we can rally behind you and bring our views to the forefront.

For example, you can find my question easily by searching "slow food".



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