SXSW 2009: Rye Rye

So we are in the music portion of SXSW and Ann and I are having a blast. The city has gone wild and there is so much live music it is a little overwhelming. I am discovering tons of music and checking out things that I already love.
Of all the bands we saw yesterday and last night, I think Ann and I were most excited and taken aback by female MC Rye Rye. She is 17, from Baltimore, has a female DJ (who is basically the rebirth of Spindarella) and two back-up dancers who come out and dance during the chorus of her tracks. It is an amazing show.

Young, independent, confident women of color tearing it up. That is something I can get behind.
Other music I am checking out includes, King Kahn and the Shrines, Toki Wright, Janelle Monae, Jean Grae, Kid Cudi and an encore show from Rye Rye. I am so not ready.

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