Subtle Ways to Tell Your Man He’s a Sexist Prick

We’re all too aware of how (hetero)sexist and obnoxious could be, but this was too good (or should I say, bad) to not highlight. One of their many features is a “Top 10″ list of advice, ranging from money problems to relationship tips – including their most recent Top 10: Subtle Ways to Tell Her She’s Getting Fat.
That’s right, how to deceive your partner into losing weight. This includes a slew of shame tactics, including:

  • Buy her clothes that are too small (manipulation!)
  • Serve her small portions of food (starvation!)
  • Rig her chair to break under her (WHAT!)

Telling straight dudes that they should a. be turned off by their SO’s weight gain to begin with and b. encouraging them to emotionally manipulate them and go as far to potentially injure them by rigging their fucking chair is reprehensible.
Send an email to the site and give them your “Top 10″ of why they should take that feature down. And don’t be subtle about it.

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