Friday Feminist Fuck You/Yeah: South by South West Edition

It is clear that we have been in Austin for 6 days, I have lost my voice and we may have lost our minds. But please enjoy our take on being feminists at SXSW.

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Full transcript after the jump.

Samhita: This weeks fff is coming live and direct from Austin Texas.
Texas for the SXSW music festival, we have been here for about 10 days.
Ann: We have our wristbands
Samhita: We actually can’t see anymore, that’s why we are wearing sunglasses. We’ve been here a long time,
Samhita: We were here for the technology part and now the music part and there are somethings we are noticing as we feminists at the music festival.
Such as Ann…
Ann: Lot of dudes, lot of dude bros, sausage fest, wild packs of family bros roaming the streets.
Samhita: Yo Bro!
Ann: Which is actually reflected in the numbers, someone crunched the numbers this week and tallied up all the bands with even one female member is a whopping 388 out of 2000 bands. Which is appalling.
Samhita: Appalling.
Samhita and Ann: So fuck you to that.
Samhita: Ann and I have been strategically finding all the queer, women and people of color acts, as best we can. And there is a resounding fuck yeah to all the awesome female musicians, MCs and DJs. Any you want to shout out?
Ann: We did have a transcendental experience at Rye Rye, that Samhita has already posted about. You should check her it, which is funny in comments to Samhita’s post, “why is this feminist? This is just another musicions” BUt honestly I think we are in total agreement that a 17 year old woman making her own music that has a dj making her music is pretty fucking radical. So yeah we want to support more women like that. And we want to see this festival full of them next year if we come back, if our livers can take.
Samhita: So that’s our Friday feminist fuck you and fuck yeah all together. If you are at sxsw hope you enjoy it and come say hello to us.

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