America’s Next Top Model’s fetishizing take on “purity”

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America’s Next Top Model doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to sexism and photo shoots, so I guess this shouldn’t shock me. The show had the models dress up like little girls as a way to promote…purity?

This issue is really important to me, the issue of teen girls and being what I call ‘out of control.’ I did a survey on my talk-show website, and I found that one in five girls that are teens that we surveyed actually want to be a teen mom. Purity and innocence is something that’s being lost and as you Top Models are doing this photo shoot, you guys are role models, too. The assignment was for you all to embody different little games that little girls play on the playground.

I write about this a lot in The Purity Myth (cough, buy it, cough), but I’ll say it again: fetishizing “purity” and “innocence” generally just means that you end up fetishizing little girls.
UPDATE: Community blogger LTB also wrote a kick-ass post about this (long before I did, it seems – my bad!).

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