Nominate a Women’s Health Hero!

From Our Bodies, Ourselves:

When you hear the words “Women’s Health Hero,” who comes to mind? Your 9th grade health teacher who taught you about sexually transmitted infections? The midwife who sat with you through 15 hours of labor? The young Nigerian activist you read about who’s working to end gender discrimination in her country? Or maybe the neighbor who counter-protests at the abortion clinic every Saturday morning?
Whoever your heroes are, we want to know about them! We’ve created the Our Bodies Ourselves Women’s Health Heroes awards to honor those who make significant contributions to the health and well-being of women. It’s a great way to publicly recognize people who make a difference in your life or the lives of others.

Find out the details here.

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  • Cecilia

    Oooh, I already have an idea for this! Or several:
    1. The entire Med Students for Choice org
    2. Our med student contingent of volunteer clinic escorts
    AND, last but not least, my microbiology professor Dr. Pat Schlievert, the scientist behind the vaginal microbicides that could prevent HIV transmission! Little-known fact: This is also the guy that discovered the toxin that causes toxic shock syndrome, and helped to discover the association of that disease with tampon use. He’s responsible for the extensive warning labels all over your tampon boxes, my friends.

  • Sabriel

    wow. Sounds like an awesome man!
    I’d nominate Doc Gurley for her hilarious lost tampon video.

  • Merryn

    I am going to nominate Catherine Hamlin, who, with her late husband Reginald, founded a hospital in Ethiopia to repair fistula, to allow African women injured in childbirth to reclaim their dignity.

  • zxczxc

    What a coincidence. I nominate Doc Gurley as well
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  • obosintern

    Hi everyone,
    I’m an intern with Our Bodies Ourselves and I just want to say all of your nominations sound great! We won’t officially accept entries until April 1st but it’s not too early to start pulling together your video or other ideas. We look forward to seeing all the nominations!