Forever 21 to start plus size clothing line

Forever 21 has announced that they will launch a plus size clothing line beginning in May.

The Forever 21 plus-size line, called Faith 21, will feature items similar to other Forever 21 clothing, including flirty dresses, trendy tops, skirts, jeans and basics such as T-shirts, camisoles, tanks and leggings. The target customer is age 15 to 29. Junior plus sizes include XL, 1X and 2X. Prices will range from $3.80 to $29.80.

Alright. There are obvious issues with Forever 21 (see claims of sweat shop labor) and I take issue with Forever 21 having to create a special line of clothing (Faith 21? what does that even mean?) for sizes that represent the majority of women in the US. But, things like this mean more women, and particularly young women might actually be able to find clothing in mainstream stores that fit them.
Thanks to Jeff for the link

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