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Happy International Women’s Day!

Go read coverage and commentary from Frau Sally Benz, Hoyden About Town, and Women’s eNews. Our Bodies, Our Blog has a great roundup. And there’s even more at the official IWD site. Plus, Renee has been doing an awesome series this week in which she interviews feminist/womanist bloggers in the run-up to IWD: Holly of Menstrual Poetry, Faith of Acts of Faith, Hexy of Hexpletive, Melissa of Shakesville, Loryn of Black Girl Blogging, Amanda of Pandagon, and Monica of TransGriot.

For the rest of the links, just the headlines today …

Questioning Transphobia: Transphobic Assault Outside Washington, DC Bar

Jezebel: All Hail the Checkout Girl (via Lauren)

Found in Mom’s Basement: 1971 ad for Republic steel wants to “talk women’s liberation”

Aunt Jemima’s Revenge: CNN Reporter Sean Callebs Plays at Living on Food Stamps for One Month

TAPPED: How the stimulus sells women short

Feministe: NYPD accused of raping intoxicated woman
Kay Steiger: Who takes over for Sebelius?
Michelle Obama Watch: British Paper Calls First Lady Obama “Lady Macbeth” Because They Didn’t Like The Toys She Gave PM’s Kids

MSNBC: Ditch the doll? Lawmaker out to outlaw Barbie (Plus: Dodson & Ross: If Barbie Was a Real Woman)

Yes Means Yes Blog: What it doesn’t mean (that Rihanna and Chris Brown are reportedly back together) Related: Shark-Fu has a caution about abuse.

Racialicious: Quoted: Tricia Rose on Fighting Sexism in a Community Assaulted by Racism (via Awesome & Fabulous)

Bitch: And in other comics-related news…graphic novel artist needed for Octavia Butler’s Kindred! (More at Racialicious)

The Pursuit of Harpyness: A Quick Review and Recommendation: That Pretty Pretty

TransGriot: Women Come In All Shapes And Sizes and Transgender Rights Updates

Sociological Images: Illustrating the Wage Gap Between Men and Women

The Women’s International Perspective: Cultural Stigma and Myth: Disabled Women in Kenya are Vulnerable to Sexual Violence

Female Impersonator: Women: Shameful and unclean (on the practice in Nepal of chhaupadi, or confining women who are deemed to be considered by society to be “unclean”)

The Curvature: Jim Beam Ad Remakes Even Worse Than Originals

Women’s eNews: Urban Girls Jump Into the Title IX Gap
Post Bourgie: Children of rape

Broadsheet: Women of Wall Street, on the street

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