Anti-Feminist Mailbag: Deep thoughts by antichoicers edition

Sometimes the logic of our hate mail is just…well, it’s something.

I agree with you.Murder of Innocent Babies before they are born,or immediately after birth is OK with me. Keep up the good fight you sick Bastard. and thank your mother she did not abort you even though she should have!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abortion in cases of rape, incest and feminism, huh?

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  • msmaddy

    Wow. If this person wants to talk about undeserved murder, maybe s/he should address the overkill of exclamation points. And on National Grammar Day, no less.
    Isn’t “…babies before they are born” an oxymoron? I always thought that the birth process had a little something to do with the difference between “fetus” and “baby”, but I guess that’s where pro and anti-choicers disagree.
    Happy National Grammar Day, Feministing-ers!

  • Crashhooligan

    Murder of Innocent Babies, is that a proper noun? I had no idea.
    See, this person is clarifying that WE should have been aborted because we are not “innocent”
    We are the bad seeds that somehow slipped through. Goddamn faulty embryo screening process!

  • uberhausfrau

    maybe they are using or milne- or awdry-esque grammar.

  • alixana

    Obviously the murder of evil babies (Murder of Evil Babies?) is completely permissible!

  • Furiousfemale

    Boy I hate that “Be glad your mother didn’t abort you” argument. When I volunteered as a clinic escort one protester asked how my mother would feel about what I was doing.(how dare she even be presumptuous enough to make insights into my relationship with my mom…we get along great)I just told her that my mom is pro choice too and CHOSE to have me.

  • norbizness

    I wasn’t convinced until the 11th exclamation point.

  • danielle

    Yeah, that argument is wonderfully pathetic. It’s like, “actually, my mom had me because she wanted to. I’m glad I was born because she wanted me, not because she HAD to have me. And if she had aborted me, then I wouldn’t have known and thus not have cared. And I wouldn’t have had to endure the Bush administration, or my statistics class.”

  • SarahMC

    Random capitalization FTW!

  • Lilith Luffles

    “and thank your mother she did not abort you even though she should have!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    Pro-life my ass. Pro-birth, anti-choice, pro-fetus, okay. But anyone who says this? NOT pro-life.
    Also, wanting to kill people who don’t agree with you? Oh wait, most anti-choicers are pro-death penalty for murderers and feel that women who agree with abortion are murderers. Sooo… even though you weren’t a murderer in the womb, there was potential for you to be a murderer, and that’s why anyone pro-choice should be aborted, even though it’s impossible to tell what babies will be pro-choice. So… is the solution to abort all babies due the possibility that they might be pro-choice?
    Man, I went in too far with that comment. I’ll stop here before I hurt myself… but yeah, pro-life my ass.

  • Femgineer

    Wait a minute… feminism is about killing babies AFTER THEY ARE BORN? I thought that’s what the GOP was for.

  • alixana

    That just got a genuine LOL from me. Ha!

  • johnny303

    Hey, one question – do you get *only* email like this? Or do you also get reasonable mail from people who just happen to disagree with you about reproductive rights/abortion and just decided to publish a more extreme one?
    I’m not from the US, but sometimes I wonder if the only reasonable way to discuss this topic in the US seems to be to not discuss it at all, as any discussion, however reasonable it started, will inevitably end in a screamfest if one isn’t “discussing” with people who agree with one’s position to begin with…

  • JoshBrahm

    This is pro-life ignorance at it’s best. (or should I say, worst.) There is just no reason for mean-spirited statements like that. Calling names is the ultimate sign that you don’t have the ability to win an argument through simple reasoning. And I don’t care how angry someone might get, what kind of creep ever wishes an abortion on someone? Just petty and stupid.

  • Jessica

    I think I’ve probably gotten…maybe one email from someone who wanted to actually debate the issue. But yes, when it comes to abortion we pretty much only get emails like this.

  • norbizness

    I’m convinced that the abortion debate will, in fact, be solved through internet discussion, but only when everybody least suspects it and on a Boston Bruins message board, strangely enough.

  • Katie Joy

    You can always tell a Limbaugh/Hannity/Ingram parrot when you hear one. People like this are absolutely unreachable until they adopt some basic reasoning skills and/or are put in a situation where they realize that abortions don’t occur in a vacuum.

  • Opheelia

    On top of the other delightful points posters have made, I find the use of the word “Bastard” in this email interesting. Someone who is so anti-abortion using a pejorative term for a child born out of wedlock seems like a contradiction.

  • Lauren

    No, okay, this is a positive development. Now when the anti-choicers bust out the “What if you just aborted the next Gandhi or Einstein?” shit, all we have to do is say, “Meh, probably would have turned out a feminist.”

  • feminanimal

    I was speaking with an elderly woman at a pro-planned parenthood rally in response to the ’40 days for life’ business, just kind of shooting the shit as we were hanging out with our “I

  • feminanimal

    cont: “I

  • feminanimal

    Why are my comments cutting off??

  • borrow_tunnel

    but not milnesque language…

  • Femgineer

    Us raging feminists killing your ideas before they are born.

  • Liza

    Exactly. We discussed that when my mom was sitting next to me at Planned Parenthood events.

  • Liza

    That’s so sad.

  • Liza

    At its worst for actual intellectual debate.
    At its best for COMEDIC GOLD!

  • WickedAnnabella

    Who knew that “bastard” was a proper noun? I sure didn’t!

  • Ariel


  • JenTheFem

    I completely agree, I hate people with those bumper stickers that say “Choose Life, Your Mom Did.” I feel like going up to them in their cars and saying “Um if my mom hadn’t gotten an abortion when she got pregnant at 17, I probably wouldn’t be here.” I came a long much later, when she was READY to have a child.”

  • Crashhooligan

    Well obviously the unwed mother should have kept her legs closed. It’s not like women can do anything without a man around!…!!!!!
    Sorry, almost forgot those other exclamations.

  • Toni

    Where did he get the idea that feminists support killing babies right after birth?

  • Toni

    When I hear that argument I have to wonder if they are under the delusion that no pregnancy is planned. I was a planned child. My mother even had surgery to improve her chances of getting pregnant. Unless there was some sort of health issue, abortion was never a possibly.

  • T-Monster

    This whole thread cracked me up. And they say we feminists aren’t funny![insert additional exclamation points for style here]
    I needed that after the nasty day I had.
    Thanks, Feministing ladies. : )

  • Koetje

    I would actually love to see the rest of the emails you get! These are so funny. I love Anti-Feminist Mailbag.

  • vegkitty

    I actually had a very good, civil debate once with my friend who is pro-life. No one changed their minds or anything, but we were able to get to the root of the differences in our thoughts.
    Then again, we’re both honors students at a fairly good college, so we’re not the typical Americans. :)

  • leah

    Wait…so, I’m pro-choice, right? And I’ll teach my kids well to be pro-choice, so I should have abortions, because then I’ll be killing prochoice fetuses right?
    Aaaah, gotta love that antichoice logic.

  • KathleenB

    I’m sure this was supposed to make sense to… someone. Somewhere. Maybe a person on drugs?

  • raq

    I’m also not American, and I’m sometimes astounded by the … extremism … of the anti-choice rhetoric that occurs in these debates. I’m Canadian; I have seen my share of extreme anti-abortion language(there’s quite a few billboards out there), I’ve also encountered a lot of people who take the following stance: “I personally feel that abortion is wrong, but, that’s my call. Other people can make their own decisions, so I’m not going to fight to change the law”. Anyway, what I’m trying to say, is that I think that debates over abortion can occur in a rational manner. And it’s extremely sad when the irrational arguments start to win…

  • ZoBabe

    Despite my lack of a college education, I have been known, on occasion, to engage in debates with people who don’t agree with me. I’ve even managed to do so without resorting to name calling and overuse of exclamation points.
    While I commend your academic achievement, I’m not so sure rational debate is, or should be, solely the province of the educated elite. Life throws curve balls to many people. Some have no realistic opportunity for higher learning, and some simply choose the road less traveled.
    A lack of college education does not necessarily kill intelligence, curiosity, and interest.

  • Bleatmop

    Decrying abortion then suggesting you should have been aborted. This person needs to work on internal consistency before they write anymore emails.

  • MLEmac28

    I think he was sick the day they learned about commas and periods in English class, so now he just puts them wherever he feels.

  • T-Monster

    I doubt even I have internal consistency at all times, but I take your point totally.
    I always love the “fetus killing is the DEVIL, unless it was YOU, of course” argument.
    And to the non-Americans: I wasn’t aware rational abortion conversations existed between non-agreeing parties. I am aware other countries can be politically/personally more aware, of course, but can someone explain a less abortion-tense argument scenario to me? Thanks!

  • adag87

    What I don’t understand is this: why bother writing that e-mail at all? Why bother trolling? I have never once thought to myself “You know what would be a great use of my time? Perusing anti-choice websites and writing hate mail to the webmasters and bloggers!” or writing comments to try to make people feel guilty for their beliefs at all.. .I mean if you want change, write your representatives, for pete’s sake. Nothing is accomplished by trolling other than annoying people.

  • Danyell

    That’s the name of my favorite death metal band.

  • Danyell

    So wait…does that mean this person thinks that Hitler should have been aborted? Or only people who believe in abortion? What is the fetus that gets aborted would have been evil? I don’t really understand the “abortion is bad, but I wish you had been aborted” argument.
    Then again, I also don’t understand the “anti-abortion, pro-death penalty” thought either. What does “pro-choice” actually mean?

  • rustyspoons

    Yeah, my Mom is all pro-choice.
    My favorite is when they ask how I personally would feel if my Mom had decided to abort ME. Ummm,if I’d been aborted? I wouldn’t be here to feel ANYTHING about it? Hello?

  • rustyspoons

    I’m usually just all “What if you’re insisting on keeping the next Manson or Hitler?”