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Quick Hit: Alcohol-cancer link in women

TweetFrom the Associated Press: “A study of nearly 1.3 million British women offers yet more evidence that moderate alcohol consumption increases the risk of a handful of cancers.” Tweet
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WA pets could get restraining order protections

TweetFrom the Associated Press: “A bill passed Monday by the state House would extend the protections of domestic violence restraining orders to pets owned by the person who secures the order.” I think this is actually great – abusers will often harm (or threaten to harm) pets as part of the violence against their victim. [...]
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More Tech Issues – Commenting Edition

TweetSo we had a bit of a tech meltdown today – hence the gap in posting. We’re still fixing bugs, and that’s why the commenting is fucked. Apologies for the inconvenience – we’re working hard to get things fixed! UPDATE: We’re back on! Tweet
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Donkey Punch the Movie (No, I’m not kidding)

TweetTrigger Warning At some point or another you’ve probably heard of a Donkey Punch. If not, consider yourself lucky. The basic idea is that a man who is penetrating a woman from behind will punch her in the back of the head or neck as he’s having an orgasm. Because beating women about the head [...]
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Site offered discounts on white tanks to proven “wife beaters”

TweetThis is the shit that makes me want to crawl back in bed and never come out., a Dallas-based business that sold wife-beater T-shirts, has been shut down after a San Antonio man complained to the company hosting the site. …The Web site sold white tank tops, commonly referred to as “wife-beaters,” and gave [...]
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