Sow this, Asshole

A Mikwaukee right wing talk radio show host Mark Belling called women who breastfeed “sows” on his show the other day in response to a proposed breastfeeding bill. You can listen to the segment here, although coincidentally, that podcast of the segment is no longer on the show’s website. He says:

“Without regard to what you think about women who get off by behaving like sows by pulling out their you-know-what in front of everybody else in the world and letting their babies start sucking, whatever you think about that, you don’t have the express it so crudely, well why not? It’s a crude practice, given how adamant some of these sows are, that’s an appropriate term, isn’t it? It’’s what a pig does and it does it in public, right? I mean, I don’t, I – hehehehe…”

Email Belling and let him know who the pig is here. Or better yet, call the station at 414-799-1130.
h/t to Brooke

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