Quick Hit Promo: This is What a Tweet Looks Like

This isn’t directly related to feminism, but we just had to give props to our tech grrlfriend Deanna Zandt who recently posted “A non-fanatical beginner’s guide to Twitter,” and I highly recommend checking it out.
Twitter is a beautiful thing for it not only gives you the opportunity to self-indulge shamelessly, but has become a critical tool for networking, resource-sharing and is the most immediate and direct way you can offer your thoughts and/or work to the world. Check it.

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  • feministabroad

    This says how to get started with twitter but could I get a simple explanation of what it is and why I should want to get started? lol

  • Deanna Zandt

    Wouldja believe I’m writing that this weekend? :-)

  • Katherine

    Oh good. I need a more basic explanation as well. this technology passed me by and I want to catch up!

  • feministabroad

    Yes, defintely. I missed it as well! ha

  • skirtforthat

    This absolutely related to feminism — and I’m glad that there is a simple how-to for twitter. We need women and non-white voices using twitter to have different voices heard and to create new technologies. Also, twitter is amazing because you can use it in many different ways, and it provides a way to build upon it to create new applications. However, of course creating new applications requires programming knowledge, which is out of reach for most people. (this is something my research is trying to address)
    People have been appropriating it in very interesting ways such as finding low gas prices, neighborhood watch programs, etc. A good question to ask is, how could twitter be used and expanded to support and build feminist communities?
    Check out the TED talk for new ways that people have been using twitter in ways that they never intended or imagined.

  • http://deannazandt.com Deanna Zandt