Quick Hit: Wikigender Needs Your Input

There’s a new information-sharing project with a whole lot of potential called Wikigender. The founders explain it:

Wikigender is a project initiated by the OECD Development Centre to facilitate the exchange and improve the knowledge on gender-related issues around the world. In particular, Wikigender tries to gather empirical evidence and identify adequate statistics to measure gender equality. In this respect, Wikigender serves as a pilot project for the OECD Global Project on Measuring the Progress of Societies. Based on the work of the OECD Gender, Institutions and Development Data Base, Wikigender aims to highlight the importance of social institutions such as norms, traditions and cultural practices that impact on gender equality.

The site currently only has 469 articles and 451 users (not counting readers). So get yourself over there and start dropping the gender knowledge!
Thanks to Mark for the heads up.

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